6 tips to improve focus


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I have to admit something. Being on my phone constantly, changed me. Back in the day, my focus was really great and I could stay focused for hours on my schoolwork or reading a book. But these days I am already distracted after just 5 minutes. Now, I am working again to improve my focus again and I wanted to share my 6 tips to improve focus with you.


6 tips to improve focus

No phone distractions

I start with my weakness and that is my phone and I know that I am not the only one. Last night, I saw this video on Instagram by Joe Dispenza and he was talking about how modern technology really screws up your attention span. And I completely agree with him. It is mostly because we need a new shot of dopamine. Every time we get a new message or a new follower, the brain releases dopamine which will make you feel good. But you get addicted to that feeling and you need your phone more and more.

So that is why you can’t stay focused on your (school)work for longer than 5-10 minutes. Your brain is craving new dopamine. The best way to do this is to use your phone as a tool and don’t let it control you. So when you are working, put your phone away.

Take a break every single hour

Take a break every hour and it can be just a 5-minute break. But your brain needs a moment to relax. And this will also help you to solve the problem a lot easier. I remember when I had to solve a ‘problem’ I went for a walk and when I came back I had the solution. A lot of the times the solution comes when you are not thinking about it constantly.
If you work on the same project for hours and hours, your brain will get tired and really want to take a break. So go outside if you need it and when you come back, you will feel brand new with a lot of focus.

Decide what’s your most productive moment of the day

Some people are morning people and some are not or maybe you are both. Are you a morning person and do you get a lot of stuff done in the morning? Wake up a little bit earlier and start working. Of course, not everyone can decide when you want to work. Maybe it is a little bit easier now because a lot of people are working from home. But if you can decide when you want to work, do it! If you are an evening person, work in the late afternoon and evening and take time in the morning for yourself.

I like to think that I am an evening person but when I think about it, I really like it when I get a lot of stuff done in the morning.

Drink enough water

You really need your brain if you want to stay focused. But don’t forget to take care of your brain! Your brain is made out of water for at least 70-80% and you need to drink enough water every single day if you want to stay focused. So maybe you are one of those people who don’t drink enough water and you can’t focus on your tasks. Take a break and drink at least one glass of water and notice how you feel after 5 minutes.


Taking care of your brain is not just about drinking enough water every single day. Another thing you can do to improve your focus is to meditate every single day. Yes, you should try to meditate every single day. It is like a workout but for your brain. You don’t go to the gym and expect to have a sixpack immediately. And even if you have a sixpack, you still have to work-out a couple of times every single week.

The same thing applies to meditation. You can meditate once a week but it is better to do it every single day. A meditation 5 minutes is even better than nothing. You don’t have to meditate for hours to get results. If you meditate 10-20 minutes every day, you will definitely improve your focus.

Don’t work on the same task for hours

I got this tip when I was in high school I believe. But you shouldn’t work for hours on the same task. For example, in high school you get homework and you have to study 50 French words, write an essay and you have to study history. Do one thing for one or 2 hours and then switch to a different task. If your brain works on the same task for hours, your brain will get bored and tired.

How do you stay focused?



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