7 tips on how to get (new) books


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Reading is fun and you can’t have enough books, right? But buying all the books you want to read costs a lot of money. But don’t worry, there are more ways to get new books. And if you can get books without going to the bookstore, you might end up saving a lot of money. Plus, it is also better for the environment. You want to know how? I give you 7 tips on how to get new books

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How to get new books

Go to a secondhand store

I have found so many great books at the secondhand store. I have found a couple of great titles there. I prefer to read in English instead of my own language Dutch but I still managed to find some great books. And the best thing is that it almost cost nothing. I bought books for less than 1 euro at the store.

Go to the library

The library has thousands of books so what place is better to find new books to read? Yes, it costs a little bit of money for a library subscription but with that subscription, you can read a lot of new books.
Another way is to get a subscription for an online library with tons of e-books. This is not free but you can read as many books as you want. Here in the Netherlands, we have BOL e-book subscription. If you pay 9,99 euro every month, you get access to all of the books. So basically it is Netflix with books.

Little free library

I am not sure if this is a thing just in the Netherlands, but some people are building cute tiny book libraries in their garden. And if you find one you can leave your own books, that you don’t want to read anymore, or you can find books here too. Does nobody has a little free library in your neighboorhood? Start one!

Flea market

Okay, you need a lot of patience for this because there is no guarantee that you will find new books on a flea market. But it is possible. So wake up early on a Saturday or Sunday and go to the flea market and look for new books.

Swap books

Maybe you have a friend who reads too. Then it is possible to swap books if you enjoy reading the same books. Which is great. First, you both save a lot of money. And second, because you can discuss the books too since you both read it. Or find someone online (via Twitter or Instagram) that wants to swap books with you every now and then.

Win books

On different kind of platforms like Instagram and blogs, you can win books. Look on the #bookstagram hashtag or #bookgiveaway and start participating in giveaways. Maybe you will win new awesome books that were on your wishlist.

Put them on your wishlist

There are several moments when you can ask for books. You can ask books for your birthday or maybe for Christmas or a different holiday. So start making wishlists and share them with your friends and family. At least now you know that you probably get an amazing gift you will love.



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