Perfect timing – Jill Mansell


Title: Perfect timing
Author: Jill Mansell
Publisher: Headline Review
Genre: romance
Pages: 416
My Rating: 3/5

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Perfect timing

Poppy Dunbar is out on her hen night when she meets Tom Kennedy. With his dark eyes and quirky smile. Tom asks Poppy to meet him again later that evening. Poppy decides not to meet him again. But she also decides that she doesn’t want to get married. And when she announces that the wedding is off, she gets another surprise.

Poppy leaves everything behind and goes to London and finds a new job. Finally, she finds a better place to live which is the house of Caspar French, a good-looking young artist but with a reputation. His relationships never last long. Poppy still thinks about Tom and her friends decide to find him and actually find him. But was their meeting that night destiny or does the future holds something different for her?


This is an older book by Jill Mansell, it was published in 2006. And I remember that I said in my last Jill Mansell book review that I prefer her newer stuff. Which is still true, but I also liked this book. 

I liked the storyline of Jake and Claudia though. Jake is the boss of Poppy and is not rich. Claudia is from a wealthy family and she wants to marry a rich guy but then she meets Jake. 

But Poppy was annoying sometimes. She was so clumsy and dumb sometimes. She lost her job because she broke the most important rule and she buys things at auctions that are worth less than a penny. She was also too obsessed with this Tom. Sure, there was a moment that night but is that enough to be sure that he is the one? One lesson I’ve learned is that you should not obsess over some guy because it is never worth it. Obsessing is never good.

But at the same time, I think it was meant to be that she met this Tom that night. She was about to marry this guy but the universe had other plans for her. I think this was good for her. Suddenly she is doing things she would never do. She wants to find her real dad, she gets naked for a job and starts socializing a lot more. That is the exact opposite of who she really used to be.

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