5 things I look forward to after Corona lockdown

                                  Photo by Bianca Castillo on Unsplash

Corona is not going to leave anytime soon but I am already thinking about the things I want to do when all of this is (almost) over. These are 5 things I look forward to after corona lockdown. And let me know in the comments what you want to do first when you can go outside again.

And of course I don’t expect you can do everything again immediately. Because there is a possibility that everything will worsen again. That is also one of the reasons why I am going to take it slow.

Thrift stores

This is one of the things I somehow miss a lot. I miss going to thrift stores and find new cheap books to read. It is definitely my favorite way to find new cheap books and I am kind of missing that. And the thrift store is also a great place to find unique things that you won’t find in stores. But honestly I don’t think they are going to open those stores immediately. I think they are going to focus on the more important things like hairdressers and restaurants. Because those people/businesses need an income as soon as possible.

Hang out with friends in the park

One of my favorite things to do is hanging out in the park with friends on a beautiful sunny day. Everyone brings food and we just sit and chill. And the vibe is really nice because everyone else in the park is chilling too. And I am kind of missing that right now.

Going to the cinema

I love to watch movies and I know that on the short (and longer) term a lot of great movies are coming out and I really look forward to seeing them. So honestly I really hope Corona will just disappear one day and we can go to the cinemas again. But for now, I am okay because we still have Netflix so I can still watch great movies. But going to the cinema is just a nice experience that I miss.


Of course, a lot of stores are still open in the Netherlands (where I live) and it is still possible to buy new things but it doesn’t feel the same. They prefer that you already know what you want and leave the store in 5 or 10 minutes. But I love going to stores and just see what they have. I love shopping without a purpose. I want to hang out in bookstores and check out every single book they have. But that is not possible right now.

Long walks on the beach and in the woods

Spending time in nature feels great and we can still go outside for a walk. But again it is not the same as before. They don’t want too many people in the woods or on the beach so on some days they are closing the roads to the beach. This is probably one of the things I am going to do first as soon as possible. Because spending time in nature feels like freedom.



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