What to do during a storm?


                                         Photo by Ruslan Valeev on Unsplash

Another storm is coming to the Netherlands. After storm Ciara, storm Dennis is coming. And storm means that it is better and safer to stay inside. And I am giving you a couple of tips on what to do during a storm so you won’t get bored. I bet there is something that you like to do

Watch Netflix

Rainy and stormy days are perfect days to watch Netflix. Go binge-watch a new series or find a movie that you will like. There are so many series on Netflix these days that there will be a series that you WILL like. Or maybe you are in the mood for a movie. There are a lot of movies on Netflix as well. Are you looking for inspiration because you don’t know what to watch next? I recently made a list with series I still want to see on Netflix.

Read books

Another thing I like to do on rainy/stormy days is to read. In my opinion, books are better than movies. And these there are so many great books in the world. And you don’t even have to go outside and buy new ones. You can go online and buy new e-books. So much easier too and good for the environment. Even though I secretly prefer reading psychical books.

Clean your house

You probably have to spend your day inside, so why not cleaning everything up? You will feel so much better when your house is clean and fresh. Use this day to wash all of your dirty clothes, put some new sheets onto your bed, clean your fridge and clean your whole bathroom. It may sound boring to clean your house, but your house will be clean afterwards. Plus, cleaning is a great work-out. I think this is a win-win situation.

Spa day / me-time

Use this day to take care of yourself. Take a bath and use your favourite bath bombs. Pick a face mask and relax. Cancel all of your plans, if you had them. This is your day! You can stay in the bath as long as you want. Reset your brain and body by taking care of yourself. Read self-help books and learn how to be present so that you can be happier on a daily basis.

Bake or cook something

Autumn and winter are the best seasons for baking. Make your own apple pie or create something new. Or maybe you can find new recipes on Pinterest that you want to try.

Bullet Journal

This is probably what I am going to do during storm Dennis because I am a little behind in my Bullet Journal (already!!). And I am going to create the pages for March too, I think. Use your Bullet journal for making lists or schedules more me-time moments. Be creative and draw doodles in your Bullet Journal. The options are endless.

Play board games

Or go old school and play board games. I remember I much I loved to play these board games. Monopoly is a popular board game worldwide but there are so many games you can play. Or when you don’t like playing board games, play a card game with your friends and/or family. Make some snacks, put your phones away and just have fun.

Go to the museum

When the storm is really bad, most activities are cancelled. But museums are always open (unless something terrible happened). Find a museum close to your house and stay there for a while. Musea are not boring. There are a lot of kinds of museums these days. It is not just painting, but it can be about anything. We have a museum about comic books, which is pretty cool.

Make a DIY from Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform for when you are bored because there are so many DIY’s that you can make. From knitting and crocheting to making jewellery to making your own scrunchies. And this can also give you the motivation or inspiration to start your own little business on Etsy or on another platform. In that way, you can start earning money by doing the things that you like.

Write or film

If you have a blog/notebook, start writing. Everyone prefers spending their time outside when the sun is shining. So write a few extra blog posts. Of when you are more into YouTube, start making your own channel and film your first video. It can be scary at first, but it is really fun. And the best thing is that you can write/talk about anything you like. Of course, there are a couple of rules on YouTube but if you follow the rules, it is really fun.

+ extra tip: go to the beach. This sounds a little weird because you rather stay inside during a storm. But a lot of people go to the beach to watch the waves. Unfortunately, when it starts to rain, you are screwed because an umbrella can’t help you during a storm.



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