10 reasons why you should read every single day


When did you read a book for the last time? Or do you read every single day? There are a lot of reasons why you should read but I am giving you 10 reasons why you should read every single day. 

Mental stimulation

Researches show that getting mental stimulation is really good for your brain. Researchers even say that reading and other mental stimulation activities can help you with keeping your memories and thinking skills. When you read daily (books, magazines etc) the chances you get Alzheimer’s is smaller than when you don’t read. Just like muscles, you need to train your brain daily to keep it healthy.


Less stress

We all want to experience less stress in our daily lives. Life can be pretty hectic but you shouldn’t forget to take time for yourself. And there is no better way then forgetting about the real world and going to a different world. A book can take you to a different world and help you to stop thinking about your to-do list, so you can relax.


Everything you read, you are feeding your brain with new information. And you never know when you can use that information again. That is why I love to read self-help books because I can use that information for my daily life or to help other people with their problems.


When you read a lot, you will notice that your vocabulary gets bigger and bigger. You will learn more new words that you can use in your daily life. Reading is also very good when you want to learn a new language. That is how I learned the English language. Dutch is my native language, but I learned English because I read a lot of English books and watched a lot of English movies with English Subtitles.

Improves memory

When you read a book you have to memorize everything about the characters you are reading. You have to remember their names, their backgrounds, family and friends. By doing this you improve your memory. Which is so great for the health of your brain.

Analytic thinking

Have you ever read a thriller? And have you ever solved the mystery before you finished the book? Yes? Then you are a champ at analytic thinking. This is great for when you are reading a thriller and you want to solve the mystery before you finished the book. But it is also great in your daily life when you are facing a problem and you have to think quickly.

Focus and concentration

We live in a modern world with a lot of technology and distractions. And I remember when I was younger I had no cellphones and I didn’t use the internet a lot. Social media was non-existent at that moment. So when I was younger I had no problem with my concentration and focus. But now I have a cellphone, internet and other distractions and I notice how hard it can be to stay focused. When you read daily, you are improving your focus and concentration. And this is not beneficial for when you want to read a book, but also in your day-to-day life. You stay longer focused on your work which makes it easier to finish your work before the deadline.


Writing skills

This goes hand in hand with vocabulary. If you read daily, you are also improving your writing skills. If you read a lot of books who are written by great authors, you will learn something about writing unconsciously and this will bring your writing skills to the next level.


Reading makes you feel relaxed. That is why I always have to be careful because when I read there is a chance that I will fall asleep. Which is great except for when I have meetings or when I have to go to work. You will notice that your blood pressure is lower when you relax a little bit every single day, which is great for your health in general.

(Free) Entertainment

Books aren’t always cheap: which is a fact. So go to your library and find new books to read. It is so much cheaper. Even better: when you exchange books with your family or friends. (Free) entertainment. But I have to mention that it is also definitely worth it to buy new books in the store or online. Because reading daily is so beneficial for you and your brain that it is definitely worth it.

Do you read every single day?



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