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At this moment, everything in the movie industry is very quiet because of the coronavirus. But after this corona crisis, we have a lot of cool movies to look forward to. The writers have a lot of time on their hands and can write new movie scripts while they are at home in quarantine. These are the movies I look forward to after corona.

Always and forever, Lara Jean

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that they already finished filming this movie. This is the third movie of the ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before’ trilogy and honestly, I can’t wait for the third movie, even though I know what is going to happen because I read the books too. The movies are cute just like the books. But I also have to admit that I wasn’t impressed with the second movie ‘Ps: I still love you’ because the ending of that movie was very rushed. I really hope that will put more energy and effort into this one.

Kissing booth 2

Last year in February, there was an announcement about the Kissing booth 2. They were making a second movie. Which I was very happy about. I believe that they wanted to release this movie in May-July so I am still hoping that they already finished editing this movie and we can watch it soon on Netflix. I hope the relationship between Noah and Elle will last even though Noah went to university far away now.

The Selection

Just a couple of days I heard the news about The Selection. Netflix is going to make the movie about The Selection books which I am so excited about. I really loved reading these books. And I really hope that they will cast the right person for America Singer because she is a redhead. I hope they won’t change that. But they don’t even know who is going to be America Singer so I don’t expect a release date for this movie yet. I think this movie will come to Netflix in 2022. 


Last month it was the release month of Mulan. Unfortunately, they had to postpone the release date to May because of Corona. I really hope that May will be the official date now and that they won’t postpone it again. I really hope that we can go to the cinema soon again because I am really excited about this movie. Just two years ago I watched Mulan for the first time in my life and I fell in love with this movie. Unfortunately, Mushu will not appear in the remake so it better be good. Mushu is my favorite.

Minions: Rise of Gru

Another minions movie is coming to us but not very soon. They wanted to release this movie in July 2020 but it is now postponed until July 2021!! This means we have to wait another year to see Bob and his yellow friends. But I know this is going to be a great film already because the minions are always funny and weird. 

As you can see I mostly put movies on my list that aren’t award winner movies. But some of these movies would in the cinema’s right now if coronavirus wasn’t here and they just announced the selection movie. Of course, there are more movies I really want to see but these are the top five movies I am looking forward to right now

What movie are you looking forward to?



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