How to create a better sleep routine

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Do you get enough sleep? Do you feel brand-new when you wake up? Or do you wake up feeling tired? Maybe it’s because you are not getting enough sleep. But don’t worry I am giving you a couple of tips for a better sleep routine. With these three tips, you will wake up energized instead of tired.

How to create a better sleep routine

No screens

Researchers found out that looking at screens in the evening can really hurt the quality of your sleep. So if you want to get better quality of sleep at night, it is better not to use screens. So no Netflix in the evening but just something else that will help you to fall asleep faster. Which is my second tip

Create a super relaxed evening routine

So no screens in the evening. There are a lot of things you can do. For example, you can start coloring, meditate, work in your bullet journal, write in your gratitude journal or you can read a book. Reading is definitely my favorite activity in the evening. It doesn’t matter what book I am reading, but I always fall asleep when I read just before bed. That is why I decided to read in bed from now on. I don’t want to fall asleep on the couch anymore.

And use candles instead of bright lamps. Your brain will think it is dark and it is time to sleep. Your brain will then make chemicals that will help you to fall asleep.

Go to bed early

And the last tip is to get enough sleep. If you go to bed after midnight and you have to wake up at 6 AM again, you won’t get enough sleep. So go to bed early. Even when it is just 15 or 30 minutes, your body will be grateful for those extra minutes. And you will probably notice that you will wake up energized again. 

These were my tips for creating a better sleep routine. Do you have more tips?



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