5 reasons why you should watch New Amsterdam

You can finally watch New Amsterdam on Netflix and you definitely should! Especially if you also like Grey’s Anatomy. In this post, I give you 5 reasons why you should watch New Amsterdam. Season 3 just started on March 2nd but you can watch all of the episodes of the first 2 seasons now on Netflix.

Warning: This blog post contains spoilers of the first 2 seasons.

5 reasons why you should watch New Amsterdam

The cast is amazing
I am not sure who picked the actors for the cast of New Amsterdam but this person or group of people did an amazing job. I can’t imagine someone else would play Dr. Sharpe or Dr. Goodwin. The actors are great and they are equally good. And they are all so different too. The cast is really diverse. I really like that.

It is about the patients
This series is really about the patients. Dr. Max Goodwin is the new medical director and he wants to change the hospital. He cares about the patients and not about money. No matter what, he always tries to find a way to help the patients. Obviously, not everyone is very happy with his new decisions because sometimes they cost a lot of money. The board of New Hospital doesn’t agree with him. They care more about money. The show loves to takes on real issues and disease, so real that they literally made an episode about a pandemic. It was scheduled for 2020 but at that time we were at the early stage of the pandemic, so they decided to wait. But this series is about all kinds of diseases. And not just psychical diseases but also mental illnesses.

Feel good series
I know that this is a hospital, not exactly the happiest place on earth but it still makes you feel good. All of the doctors are really trying to help everyone, even when it seems impossible or when the patients can’t afford the surgery. They are always trying to help the patient. And at end of an episode, you feel good because they helped a lot of patients again.

Even though this series is about the patients, You also see a glimpse of the doctor’s personal lives and their relationships. And let’s be honest, Dr. Sharpe and Goodwin are so cute together. And she wants a baby and he has one. Goodwin is a single dad. But not sure if the writers also think they are great together. In season 2 we saw Goodwin hanging out with a single mom and at the end of season 2, Dr. Sharpe went on a date with the new doctor. And then we have Iggy and his relationship and their adopted children. I am also hoping that Dr. Bloom finds someone. I was kind of hoping that she and Dr. Reynolds would become a thing but Dr. Reynolds was about to leave his job at new Amsterdam. But I also like Casey and Bloom together, so who knows. But she definitely deserves something good in her life.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat
New Amsterdam is a very exciting series and you basically can’t stop watching. I mean, I tried to stop binge-watching but I couldn’t. Every single episode you hope everything is going to be okay. And the cliffhanger of season 1 was huge! It was so terrible I had to wait for a few months to find out who died in that car accident. But New Amsterdam is definitely fast-paced and in this case, it doesn’t bother me. It is not too fast, just perfect. It is not the kind of series you can watch while you are playing games on your phone. You really have to pay attention.

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