You – Season 3

Title: You Season 3
Actors: Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti
Director: Silver Tree, John Scott and more
Writers: Sera Gamble
Genre: Thriller
My Rating: 8/10

Watch You Season 3 now on Netflix.


Joe is back! After becoming obsessed with Beck, he eventually has to kill her because she knows too much and she doesn’t like Joe anymore. In season two he becomes obsessed with this new woman called Love. The same things are happening but the ending is different. In season one he kills Beck, the second season ends up with Love being pregnant. That is the only reason why Love is still alive. They decide to pretend to be the perfect family and they move to Madre Linda, a small town where rich people live. But if you think that Joe and Love are going to be a perfect family, then you are wrong. Joe is still Joe and I hope you did not forget Love killed someone too at the end of season 2. So it doesn’t take too long before he becomes obsessed with another woman. But at the same time, he has to be very careful because he knows what Love is capable of. So he has to pretend to be the perfect husband for Love, while he is still doing his own thing (finding out more about this woman). Things get bloody and twisted in another season of You.


I was so freaking excited for the new season of ‘You’. I really loved the first two seasons and I couldn’t wait to see what Joe was going to do and kill this season. In the first season, we could see he fell in love with Beck but eventually he had to kill her. In the second season they introduced Love and Joe was about to kill her too until he finds out she was pregnant. Now in the third season, they are pretending to be the perfect family. They even move to Madre Linda, the place for rich families. Still wondering how they could afford all this lifestyle because it is not they have a well-paying job.

It does not take long before Joe gets obsessed with their neighbour Nathalie. Although he is trying to fight his urge to kiss her. But honestly, he does not even get a chance to start something with her. Love kills her right away. Yup, that is right! After killing one person in season two, Love is still killing people. I could say she was almost as worse as Joe. I said almost because Joe is still a lot smarter, especially at the end of this season.

There were a few things I’ve thought about during this season. The first thing was wondering if this relationship was a good thing for Joe because Love started killing people too. Either Joe had to take care of everything and makes sure there is no sign they did it or he had to trust Love. But honestly, I think Joe did not. He also wanted to end his relationship with her but he had no idea how. Because Love’s mother told something about Love’s first husband and how he died and now Joe is afraid that he will end up like her. He had to play along and pretend to be the perfect husband and make sure it was her fault their relationship ended.

The other thing I thought was that it was taking way too long before they did something with the key of the cage. They decided to build the cage in Love’s bakery but they don’t trust each other so Love and Joe hid (separately from each other) a key. So if Love locked up Joe, he could get out and the same thing happened the other round. I think that was the first sign they don’t trust each other. They were only staying together to protect their baby.

This season was a rollercoaster and a lot of things happened. At first, this season was going to be very slow but it was definitely not. I couldn’t stop watching and it was still so good. Normally, a show gets boring after a few seasons but I am already waiting for season 4. Although I still wonder if Joe will ever get caught because one day there will be a policeman or policewoman who realizes that the same guy is always there when people get killed right? I think one day there will be someone who connects the dots and then it is game over for Joe. And we also have still a few people who know things about Joe and Love and what they did. What will happen to them?

The thing we know for sure after watching season 3 is that Joe goes after Marienne. Because after Nathalie he found someone else at the library and he becomes obsessed with her obviously. I love Marienne, so I honestly hope he will never find her and kill her. I just hope he finds someone else instead. But I think he will eventually find her because he is smart, creepy and twisted. We could see he ended up in a different country and he is now in one of my favourite cities in this world. The only thing I can hope is he won’t find Emily. Just kidding, that will never happen, although that would be a great plot twist. If you have no idea what I am talking about. I am talking about a different Netflix show that is set in the same beautiful city as Joe is right now.

Even though, I love romance shows the most. This show is fantastic and I can definitely recommend it to everyone. It is twisted, bloody and sometimes even disgusting. But it is cool to see how Joe’s mind works and how twisted he is. I honestly think this is one of the shows I really enjoy watching it. This is funny because normally I don’t like to watch a show about murderers. But this show is too good to skip. But I am afraid we have to wait for another year to find out if he will find Marienne.



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