Emily in Paris – season 2

Title: Emily in Paris season 2
Actors: Lily Collins, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo
Director: Jennifer Arnold & Katina Medina Mora
Writers: Darren Star
Genre: Romance, drama
My Rating: 7.5/10

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Emily in Paris – season 2

Emily in Paris is back with another season packed with a lot of drama, romance and fashion. Emily is still in Paris for her work and everything became very complicated because she slept with Gabriel, her neighbour. But Gabriel is the ex-boyfriend of Emily’s best friend Camille. They are trying to hide it for her, but will it work? And what if Camille finds out about them. Will she be okay with it? At the same time, Emily is finally taking her French classes seriously and we can’t say the same about her new classmate Alfie.


The first season of Emily in Paris was so much fun and I loved it so much. I mean, it takes place in Paris and looks amazing in this series too. This show highlights the best parts of this beautiful city. In the first season, we met Emily and everyone else. I remember that at first I was shipping her with Gabriel but later I had a few problems with their relationship and I am not even talking about the fact Gabriel was Camille’s boyfriend at the time. They only broke up at the end of the season. The problem I had with Emily’s and Gabriel’s relationship was that it was not very healthy. One moment Emily wanted to be together and the moment she did not. And that is also what happened in the second season two.

Gabriel wants to be with her but she can’t because he is the ex of her best friend. That is breaking the girl code or something. But one second later Emily kisses him again. And in this relationship, Emily is the problem. Because Gabriel just wants to be with her. So I was very happy to see a new guy in this show, which is Alfie. Alfie is a very good looking guy and there are zero problems. So he is the best guy for Emily. But I still think Emily would let Alfie go and still chase after Gabriel to continue their unhealthy relationship. Yes, you might love each other. But if everything is too complicated, maybe it is for the best to let it go. I hope Emily picks Alfie even though she wanted to tell Gabriel she has feelings on the worst moment ever. But will Alfie stay in London for Emily? We all know he is/was there temporarily. I hope they can figure it out.

Okay, that was/is the problem I have with this show. It was sometimes so annoying and I was like: pick him or just don’t and move on. She is not the best at making great relationship decisions I think. And while I liked Camille in the first season, I feel like she has become a sneaky bitch who is trying to ruin whatever is going on between Gabriel and Emily. And in the first season, I liked the chemistry between Emily and Camille. Some people were even saying they should end up with each other, but after season two I don’t see that happening anymore. Emily needs new friends in the third season, who she can trust and who is not into the same guy.

Anyway, there are still tons of things I liked about this show. First of all, the outfits are incredible again. I loved it and I wish I could borrow something from her closet. I think her roommate’s story is also very interesting. Would love to see more of them in the third season. And of course, there is a lot of drama at work which was nice. I think it is still amazing that they decided to speak English AND French in this show. Normally, when Americans make something about Paris or a different country where they don’t speak English, they ignore the fact they have a different language. Besides this is also very good for my own French.

I also thought that it would be better if this show had more episodes every single season. Normal tv shows have more episodes in one season. And especially with these short episodes, I think they should do that. I would not even mind if they just released one episode per week. That would mean I have something to look forward to. Normally I would binge-watch a series in one weekend and then I have to wait for another year. But if they release one episode every single week, that would be so much cooler. Just like a normal television show.

Yes, I think there will be a third season because it ended with two huge cliffhangers. What will Emily decide about her relationship with Alfie and what will she do about the new job offer. I guess that she will in stay Paris and take that job offer and hopefully she will make better decisions when it comes to relationships. But honestly, I think there will still be a lot of Gabriel-Emily-Camille drama. Will I still watch it? Probably yes, because somehow I am drawn to this show. Maybe it is the colourful outfits or just because it sets in Paris. But I also think if there will be another season with all the relationship drama, I am not even sure if I would watch a season 4. I want to see some character development. Maybe Emily needs to be single for a while and focus on her happiness. That would be so great!

But despite all the relationship drama, there are still tons of reasons to watch it. Or maybe you just love a lot of drama. I can still recommend it and the episodes are 20-30 minutes long, which means you can binge-watch it within 5-6 hours without taking a break. It is still a nice distraction from everything. This kind of show makes you forget the real world for a second and sometimes that is all you need.



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