A winter’s wish – Tracy Corbett

Title: A winter’s wish
Author: Tracy Corbett
Publisher: Canelo Escape
Genre: Romance, Drama
Pages: 368
My Rating: 8.5/10

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A winter’s wish

Jamie is a journalist and now he has his first big story. He has to find out what Alex Tipping did because of selling insider trading knowledge. There is one way to find out. He has to volunteer at Sam Tipping’s (Alex little sister) shelter for the homeless for young people. At first, he thinks Sam is a spoiled brat who wants to look good by setting up a shelter but he finds out he is so wrong. At the same time, he is still dealing with this that has happened in his past with his own mother.
Sam Tipping always shunned the wealth into which she was born. Instead, she’s worked hard to set up The Crash Pad, a shelter for homeless young Londoners – but she’ll need a Christmas miracle to keep it running.


Christmas book number two is a fact and I really enjoyed this one. I did not enjoy Christina Lauren’s book called ‘The Holidaze’ but this was different. First of all, this book had a great message which is a perfect fit for the holidays. The holidays are about helping and giving and that is what this book was about. Sam Tipping was born into a very wealthy family. Her parents expect her to be rich too and follow the same lifestyle but she does not. In fact, she sold her apartment and car to have enough money for her own charity. She has a shelter for homeless young people. And she is really there for them as well. She wants to help them. This is a great message and I loved it.

And what is Christmas without a little bit of romance? Jamie has to investigate something and thinks Sam brother is involved. He volunteers at the shelter. He finds out that Sam is not a spoiled little brat who wants to look good with her shelter. But when he starts to get to know her a little bit, he finds out that she is nothing like her parents or her brother.

Yes, it was a beautiful story. There is also a storyline about Emily and Alfie. Emily used to be homeless and Alfie is homeless and wants to sleep at the shelter. There is a connection between the two. They first meet when Alfie and one other girl are in the waiting ling for a bed for the night, but there is only one bed left. Alfie gives the bed to the girl. Which I thought was beautiful and very nice and I was not the only one. Emily was very impressed by that and gives him food. Since that moment Alfie loves the food Emily’s makes every single day.

I loved this book, although it is not very Christmassy. I was kind of expecting a story about Christmas but that was not the case. But at the same time, it is a great book to read during the holidays because it is a beautiful message and it is a very heart-warming story.



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