You had me at Hola – Alexis Daria | Book Review

Title: You had me at Hola
Author: Alexis Daria
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Romance, Drama
Pages: 384
My Rating: 8.5/10

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You had me at Hola

Jasmine just got dumped and her breakup was on the cover of every single tabloid. Now she is returning to New York City to film a new project, Carmen in charge. She is going to play the role of Carmen in a bilingual romantic comedy for ScreenFlix, the biggest streaming service in the world, this could be her big breakthrough. Together with her cousins, they come up with a new plan, called The Leading Lady. Just a few simple rules: She only wants to be on the cover of the tabloids for a happy reason, and no sex with costars. 

Ashton gets the role of Victor, Carmen’s ex-husband and lover. But offset he is trying to keep his distance between himself and his costars. He needs to protect his family. Ashton and Jasmine spend more and more time together and it gets harder for Ashton to stay away from her. Is he willing to open up for love?


This book cured my reading slump. For the last couple of weeks, reading felt like another thing on my to-do list. I wanted to write more book reviews, but the books I was reading were good, but not amazing. This book was amazing! I loved it from the beginning. Sometimes it takes time to get hooked on a good book, but not this time. I fell in love with it immediately.

This book is bilingual and as a Dutch woman, I was sometimes struggling. I don’t speak Spanish, but sometimes I figured out what a word meant. This is not the first time, I read a book with a lot of Spanish or a different language in it. Not too long ago, I read a book (Worst best man – Mia Sosa) with a lot of Portuguese in it, And I’ve also read The Spanish Love Deception, which also included a lot of Spanish sentences. Sometimes I like it, but other times, it is hard to understand what it means. Maybe I should learn Spanish.

The story was cute, romantic and sexy. There was tension and it built up very nicely. Just like in other romance books, one messes their relationship up. But this time, it was the both of them. I think they thought they weren’t ready to open up. I kind of get them. It sounds hard if the paparazzi is always following you. Before you know it, your kiss ends up everywhere on social media and websites.

I liked the setting too. I love movies and I find it very interesting how they create them. Especially filming a series sounds like a lot of fun. It is still hard work, but working with the same people on the same thing builds a special relationship. Everyone becomes best friends and family. I love that. It was no different in this book. I am happy the author highlighted that part too. It made me happy.

I highly recommend this book. It has everything a romance novel needs. There was chemistry, tension, the build-up and finally their first kiss. I was so happy when they finally kissed for the first time (offset). I need more.

I saw this is the first book of the ‘Primas of Power’ series by Alexis Daria and I am 100% sure I will the other book (A lot like Adiós) very soon too. I hope it will be as good as this one. But maybe I should take a few Spanish lessons on Duolingo before I read it, just in case.



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