How to turn negative thoughts into positive ones with the Choose again method.

Recently, I have been reading a book by Gabbie Bernstein, called the super attractor. This book was the right book for me at that moment and I am still using it every single day. I am currently on a journey. I am changing my life for the better. I want to become a better person for myself, and also for others. In this book, Gabbie talks about how you can transform yourself and become a super attractor. But I think this book is for everyone, even when you are not interested in the Law of Attraction. Yes, she mentions it a couple of times in this book. But I think this book can be helpful to everyone.

This book is all about self-improvement and basically how you become a happier version of yourself (so you can attract more good things into your life). This book was the perfect book for me right now because that is currently one of the things I am working on. I used to have a lot of bad days and I had those bad days because I had so many bad/negative thoughts. I even thought about things that would never happen. It was self-destructive. And definitely not helpful and great for my happiness. I knew I had to work on this and change my thoughts. I started to read this book and this book contains a lot of great lessons. One of them is how to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones with the choose again method and today I wanted to share it with you too.

How to turn negative thoughts into positive ones with the choose again method

The choose again method is pretty simple and it had just three little steps. But if you use this every day, you will get better at this. And eventually, your mindset will change and you will have more positive thoughts than negative ones.

Step 1: Notice the thought
Most of the time we don’t even realize that we have those negative thoughts. Those thoughts took over our bodies and minds and it feels like we can barely stop them. If you want to change your negative thoughts into more positive ones, first you have to become aware of the thoughts you have. Sometimes we don’t even notice the thoughts we have. The way we feel tells us too how we think. If we think positively, we feel happier and lighter. If we think negatively, we feel stressed, overwhelmed and just bad in general. Becoming aware of how you think is the first step.

Step 2: Forgive the thought
Now you have become aware of your thoughts, it is time to let it all go. Noticing your thoughts is one thing, but letting them go is not always easy. But I would recommend trying it anyways. You just have to practice it every single day until you master it. Working on your mind takes time, just like how working out in a gym takes time too before you see improvement. Trust the process. Thank the thought and let it go. Become present, and focus on your breathing for a while.

I wanted to remind you that negative thinking is not always a bad thing. Negative thoughts can be extremely helpful too. They show you what you don’t want, so you can focus on the things you do want. But most of the time, we don’t do that. We just think about the things we don’t want.

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Step 3: Find a better and more positive thought

A lot of people are saying ‘good vibes only’ and when they are feeling down they push themselves to feel happy again. But if you feel depressed and angry, it is not easy to go from that kind of place to happy in one step. So the third and final step is to become happy and joyful in 5 seconds. It is about reaching for a better and more positive thought. If you thought ‘I can’t do this’  don’t go from that to ‘I am going to be the best at it’ but instead try ‘I am going to do my best’.  It is still a better and more positive one than the thought you had before. It doesn’t matter what your next thought is going to be, as long it is better than the last one.

Abraham Hicks talks about 17 seconds method too and I quickly wanted to mention it. If you have a negative thought and the next one is a negative one too, it gains momentum. Hicks says this happens after 17 seconds. If you stop your negative thought, they stop gaining momentum. But if you start thinking about something better for at least 17 seconds, the next thought will be positive too. So every time you notice you have a negative thought, stop it, forgive the thought and reach for a better thought. This way that negative thoughts won’t gain momentum and it stops.

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