Things I still want to Do | Bucket List

Many people have a bucket list. It is a list of things you still want to do. This could be anything. Maybe you want to travel and see the world, or improve yourself or you have other dreams. It does not matter what is on your list. The point is that you start to follow your heart and dreams and do these things. I also have a list of things I still want to do. And today I am sharing it with you. 

Note: Sometimes I will add things to this list. If I can cross something off of this list, I probably will write blog posts about it too. You will not miss it if I 

Things I still want to Do

  1. Go to Disneyland. Never been there before and I want to visit. I want to find out if it is really magical.
  2. Write a book or screenplay. This has been a dream for such a long time now, 
  3. Go to New York. For some reason, I am obsessed with New York and I don’t even know why. I am also afraid I will be disappointed if I am there. But there is one way to find out if it is really a cool city.
  4. Attend the red carpet. I mean, someone can dream, right?
  5. Visit St. Maarten, Aruba and Curacao. They are still a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands but I’ve never visited the islands.
  6. Be in a movie or series. I don’t even care if I am an extra. I just want to experience, what it’s like to be on set.
  7. Go to Italy. I love the Italian language (don’t speak it though) and I love Italian food. Now it is time to go to Italy one day.
  8. Get married. With the love of my life obviously.
  9. Overcome my fear of flying. This is probably one of the things I have to do first before I go see the rest of the world.
  10. Improve my French. I took French classes in High school, but after that, I’ve never used it again. 
  11. Buy a Ukelele and learn how to play it. Just for fun.
  12. Charity work or Volunteer. Because making other people happy feels good.
  13. See the Northern lights. Every time I go to bed too early when it is visible in The Netherlands.
  14. Attend a big sports event. Because I love the vibe around it and I also love sports
  15. Try sushi. Everyone seems to love it. I am not the biggest fan of fish, but I still want to try it.
  16. Play Padel. A mix of squash and Tennis and popular sport at this moment. Looks like a lot of fun.
  17. Visit a Christmas market abroad. Apparently, Christmas markets in Germany are popular and beautiful.
  18. Visit New Zealand and Australia. I have a lot of travel plans.
  19. Finish a course at Yale. This is a work in progress
  20. Go to a music festival. Preferably abroad, because I have attended most of the big music festivals in the Netherlands.
  21. Go to the Hot air balloon festival. Or maybe even ride a hot air balloon.

Extra: It kind of would be nice to grow my social media. Like around 1 million followers or even more. 



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