Things you can do this autumn – 2022

Happy autumn everyone! I hope you all had a great summer, but it is now time for one of my two favourite seasons because it is autumn. When I think of autumn, I think of staying home and getting cosy under a blanket. I really think autumn is the best season for self-care, reading and baking. Summer might be over and you might be spending a lot more time inside, but there are still many things you can do this autumn.

Things you can do this autumn

Make your own pumpkin spice latte. I’ve never tried this before, so it is also on my to-do list this autumn. Everyone seems to love it and I want to find out if I will like it too.
Start a bullet journal. A bullet journal is perfect for everyone who likes to be creative and there is no right way of doing it. Some turn it into a diary to keep their favourite memories, others love to make lists in it.
Make a very long walk. Yes, it is colder and it rains more often in autumn, but it is such a beautiful season. All of those beautiful colours are everywhere. Nature looks magical in autumn, in my opinion.
Make a hot chocolate drink. The perfect drink to make after a long walk.
Bake an apple pie. When I think of autumn, I immediately think of apple pie. It also smells so good.
Clean out your closet. Put your summer dresses away and get the comfy sweaters.
Donate things you don’t use/wear anymore. If you don’t use it anymore, donate it or give it to one of your friends.
Photoshoot outside. As I mentioned, nature is so beautiful and magical in autumn, so take a few photos outside with your friends.
Redecorate house/room. Autumn is the season to get cosy, so bring a few extra pillows and a super soft blanket. Maybe a few candles and other decorations to make it a little bit extra festive.
Movie marathon. On a rainy day, you can call up your friends and start a movie marathon. Maybe you like Harry Potter or Lord of the rings. It is up to you. Don’t forget the snacks/food.
Wellness day. Maybe you are feeling a little bit stressed, book a massage or just go to the sauna. Or maybe you can just buy a few face masks and have a wellness day at home.
Organize a Halloween party. Call up your friends and see who is in for a Halloween party. Make some spooky snacks and dress up like something scary.
Buy pumpkins. Autumn is the pumpkin season, do I need to say more?
Carve pumpkins. Put them at your front door to make your house a little bit more festive.
Buy new books. Go to your favourite bookstores or go to the most beautiful store in your country (maybe it is located in a beautiful church) and go book shopping.
Read on a rainy day. Autumn means rain and rain mean the perfect reading day.
Spend a few days in a cabin in the woods. I think everyone should spend more time in nature, so what is a better way than renting a cabin for a few days in the woods? This is even something you can do when you still have to work from home. But make sure you have great wi-fi.
Follow a workshop. Learn something new this summer. Maybe you want to learn how to play the ukulele or piano. Maybe you want to take better photos or learn how to cook Italian food.
Go to the cinema. Summer is not the best season to go to the cinema. Most of the blockbusters are coming out in the colder months. Find out what movies you can watch at the cinema and call your friends for an evening together.
Watch Gilmore Girls. This is the best series to watch in autumn! It is funny, cosy and just a great series. Life is pretty simple in Stars Hollow. Probably because they didn’t have social media back then.

Photo by Ege Güngör on Unsplash



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