The difference between Eau de parfum and eau de toilette

Are you looking for a new fragrance? Of course, the smell of the fragrance is important, because everyone wants to smell good. But is it going to be an eau de toilette, eau de parfum or eau de cologne? The difference between these types of fragrances is very easy: it is all about the concentration of the perfume oils. The level of the concentration of perfume oils determines the strength of the smell and how long it is going to last. The higher the concentration, the more powerful the smell is and the longer you can enjoy it.

The difference between Eau de parfum and eau de toilette

Eau de parfum
Are you looking for the perfect fragrance to wear on a date or maybe for a night out with your friends? Wear an eau de parfum. Eau de parfums smell great and offers more depth than a eau de toilette or eau de cologne. They are luxurious to wear and they have a concentration of 12-18%, so the fragrance will last for 5 hours. The combination of perfume oils and longevity are making this a popular choice.

Eau de toilette
An eau de toilette is perfect for when you are just starting out and trying to wear perfumes and when you want to keep it subtle. With a concentration of around 8-12%, they are lighter than an Eau de parfum, but they will last for around 4 hours. Because the smell is so subtle it is the perfect option for daily use at your job, school or when hanging out with friends. I would recommend putting it in your bag and bringing it everywhere you go, so you can spray a little more when it starts to wear off. So you can enjoy the eau de toilette all day long and not just the first 4 hours.

Eau de cologne
Eau de cologne has the lowest concentration of just 2-5%. With this concentration, it will only last for 2 hours. But that is why it is perfect for you suddenly have to go to the supermarket and you want to wear a fragrance or when you go out for dinner.
A lot of people think eau de cologne is only for men. I grew up thinking that too, but that is actually not true. There is a lot of Eau cologne for men of course, but there is also a lot of cologne made for women.

Eau fraiche and perfume
The 3 types of fragrances I mentioned above are the most popular ones, but those three are not the only options if you want to smell good. You also have Eau Fraiche and perfume. Perfume is the strongest of all and it has a concentration of 22%. So this kind of fragrance is super strong and it will probably last longer than 6 hours! But it depends on the seasons and how long it actually lasts. In summer your perfume will smell stronger and last longer because of the warmth.

Eau Fraiche is the least powerful fragrance of all and almost nobody actually wears it. But it still exists. Eau Fraiche has a concentration of 1-3%, but it makes it perfect for younger people who want to start wearing a fragrance.

Which should you pick?
This is totally up to you and it also depends on when you want to wear it. You don’t want to wear something too strong at the office and suffocate your coworkers. For work, it is better to wear something subtle like an eau de toilette. You could wear an Eau de parfum when you go to a museum or go sightseeing in a different city. The fragrance will last long enough for that. But it is totally up to you. You can always apply more when the fragrance starts to wear off.

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