Why I am looking forward to Autumn

The last few weeks, we had a lot of rain, but it is still summer. But honestly, I am already getting excited about autumn. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons (besides spring) and today I explain why I am looking forward to autumn. Because you would think I’ve already seen enough rain. But no, autumn is a super cosy season. I spend a lot more time at home who goes out, just for a walk every now and then.

Why I am looking forward to autumn

Watching Gilmore Girls
The autumn is the perfect season to re-watch Gilmore Girls and if you know me a little, you would know that this absolutely my favourite season. It has never happened I like most of the characters in one series, but I do like almost everyone. My favourite is definitely Lorelai because her humour is amazing. I love how she is always sarcastic and it is definitely my favourite kind of humour. I really enjoy watching Gilmore Girls. This series has everything: drama, romance and humour. And it is also relatable. If you don’t know this series, I would recommend it and guess what? It is available on Netflix.

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Okay, it can be a little bit depressing if a lot of leaves are falling from the tree. But the colours!! It really looks so pretty, even though it only lasts for a while. And of course, don’t forget about conkers/chestnuts, acorns and mushrooms. But there are enough reasons to go out for a long walk when it is dry. Don’t forget your camera/phone, because you want to take pictures. I think it is the best season to take pretty shots of nature. Oh, don’t forget to bring your umbrella because you never know when it is going to rain. It is still autumn.

The perfect reading season
You are probably spending more time inside the house, because of the weather. That means you have more time to read all of the books you still want to read. Imagine it is rainy and windy outside, you lit your candles, you sit on the couch with a warm blanket reading a great book. This sounds like the perfect thing to do when you have an evening or day off. I can really enjoy those little moments. I completely relax when I can hear the rain ticking on my window.

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I also think autumn is the perfect season to start baking again. Sometimes it can be too hot in spring and summer to stand in the kitchen for a while. So autumn is a great time to start baking again. In autumn I can also watch my favourite tv programs. I don’t watch any tv, but this is something I would turn on the tv for. I am talking about ‘The Great British Bake-off and the Dutch version of it. I prefer the British version, but I still enjoy watching the Dutch version too. It is one of the cosiest programs to watch and it really inspires me to start baking again.

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