Title: Seaspiracy
Director: Kip Andersen
Length: 1h 30min
Genre: Documentary
My Rating: 8/10

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Seaspiracy is the new cowspiracy documentary but instead of focusing on the land animals, they are now focused on the animals who live in the big beautiful ocean. The reason why Kip started this documentary was about plastic in the ocean, but soon he also discovered something else (and maybe even worse) that affected the oceans and the animals.


I knew this documentary was going to be about the ocean and the sea but I really thought it was going to be about the plastic soup in the ocean. I still think we shouldn’t forget about that after watching this documentary but this documentary was about the fishing industry.

I don’t like to eat fish, never was. But tons of people I know love to eat fish. There are people at my part-time job who eat fish every single week (and that is just at work). But I never really liked the taste of it. So I already had this feeling that I was doing something good. Although I have to admit that I could reduce the amount of plastic I use.

But this documentary is about the fishing industry. First of all, we eat a lot of fish. And when those fishing boats are fishing salmon, for example, they also get a lot of bycatch. From dolphins to other smaller fishes. But they also die most of the time. This documentary was really an eye-opening documentary. Because the observers who observe that the bycatch is minimal and the fish is so-called sustainable are not safe on those boats. Sometimes they went missing after a day on a fishing boat.

Sustainable fish also sounds very ridiculous to me. When I think of sustainability I think of no-plastic straws or no-plastic toothbrushes. Something that just lasts longer. So killing fish without bycatch doesn’t sound sustainable to me. In my opinion, sustainable fish is a fish that lives happily ever after in the beautiful big blue ocean.

I found a lot of online articles about this new documentary. A couple of them are talking about how the facts in this docu are wrong. But funny enough (or not) those articles are mostly comments from marine experts and fishermen. Of course, they would say this documentary is wrong because it is about THEM. And they don’t want to lose their job, which makes sense. But you can’t also deny that the ocean is dying because of us. And not only because of fishing and bycatch but also because of the plastic soup.

And don’t you think it is suspicious that they couldn’t film at the fishing boats? They had to run for their lives. So they are definitely hiding something (especially in Japan).
Yes, sharks kill fish too, but in a less destructive way. That is the circle of life in the ocean.

My opinion after watching this documentary is that we should stop eating fish or at least eating less fish. We don’t need it for the Omega-3, we can get that from algae plants. And fish is also full of mercury, which is toxic to the human body.
But we should also focus on the plastic soup in the ocean. Because there will be more fish in the ocean if we stop eating fish, but they need a safe place to swim.

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