Overcome restlessness | 18 tips

Sometimes we are at peace, sometimes we are not. I am not the only one who experiences restlessness every now and then. Today I have 18 tips to overcome restlessness. Some of the tips might help you to feel calmer and focused again. 

Overcome restlessness

Be critical

Hiding your emotions or ignoring those emotions is never good. Sooner or later you have to face your emotions. Sit down for a minute and just listen to your body. How does your body feel, what is it trying to tell you? Why are you feeling restless? Is it because of an upcoming presentation or something else? What does your body need right now? It is good to sit down every day for a few minutes and listen to what your body is telling you.

Make a list

A great tip to overcome restlessness is to make lists. I always love to make lists. But when I feel restless I always make lists too. I just write down everything that is popping up in my head. When I feel restless, there is always chaos inside my head. That is why I first have to calm my mind before I can do anything else.

Make a some day list

Yes, it is your day if you like to make lists. Make a list of things that you still want to do someday but you don’t have to do it now. So basically it is a to-do list but you don’t have to do it today or tomorrow. When you write things down on your daily to-do lists or for your maybe someday list, you are making space in your head.

Start with the important things

Sometimes you are restless because you still have to do that ‘one’ thing. And maybe it is something you don’t like to do, but you still have to do it. Start your day by doing the most important things. Do the hard and boring things first and the fun and easy things later. Procrastination is a terrible thing and can make you feel restless.

Ask yourself ‘Do I really have to do it now?’

Sometimes our to-do lists are super long and we just can’t do everything in one day. But when you can’t cross all of the things off your to-do lists, it can make you feel restless. Look at your to-do lists. Are those really the things you have to do today or can you also do them tomorrow or maybe later this week?

Decide what to focus on

Sometimes you don’t feel restless because of your long to-do list, sometimes you feel restless because you are not focused. For example, you have to write a paper or blog posts or maybe an e-mail. You should be focused on that task only. But a lot of people start to think about different things. First of all, try to focus on your task only. You can improve your focus by just trying but also by meditating. If you are really having trouble focusing, maybe you should try that because you can improve your focus.

Don’t try to be Super(wo)man

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. I know you want to look independent and powerful, but you can also be powerful if you ask someone for help. We all have to ask for help more often. We don’t have to do everything by ourselves. You can say ‘no’ to things too.

Ask yourself ‘Can I change something about this’?

People complain about a lot of things, even when they can’t change the situation. Easy example: You are complaining about the rain. Can you change it? No! So let it go.
Another example: You have to give a presentation but the computer is not working. Can you do something about it? Yes? Look for another computer/laptop or a different presentation room. No? Can’t fix the problem immediately? Just let it go. It is a waste of energy to be focused on things you can’t change.

More tips

Exercise. I remember that I was anxious and restless all the time a few years ago. And guess what? Living a more active life helped me with that. I am not feeling anxious anymore and I certainly don’t feel restless all the time anymore. On YouTube, you can find tons of work-out videos if you don’t have enough money for the gym.
Do something relaxing. Another tip to overcome restlessness is to relax. You don’t always have to be busy doing important things. You can do also keep yourself ‘busy’ by doing Yoga or meditation, which is more relaxing.
Take time for yourself. If I don’t take time for myself every now and then, I would go crazy. It is important to do something for yourself. And me-time doesn’t always mean taking a hot bath. It can also mean that you can watch your favorite series on Netflix or read a book.
Be vulnerable. You don’t always have to look happy for the rest of the world. It is not a bad thing to show your emotions. Sometimes it already helps to tell someone about the thing that is bothering you.
Declutter. Chaos in your house means chaos in your head. So clean up everything at the end of the day. Or throw away the things you don’t need or want anymore.
Let people down. It is not great to let people down, but like I said you can’t do everything and please everyone. You can’t say ‘yes’ to everything. So please say ‘no’ every now and then. Especially to things you don’t want to do. Just follow your heart.
Turn off devices when you are not using them. Turn off the television, when you are not watching it. Or turn off the radio when it doesn’t help you to focus on your tasks. And use only one device at a time. Don’t use your phone when you are cooking. Don’t use your e-reader when you are also calling someone. It will distract you.
Don’t look at the clock. Time is one of the worst enemies. When I don’t look at the clock and I just work at my own pace, creativity flows. 
Write down the things that make you happy. I own a gratitude journal and write down the things I am grateful for every single day. Being grateful is important because it can help you to feel calmer.
Get a cup of tea. And when you don’t really know what to do anymore, take a break and get a cup of tea. It will help. Don’t think about the reason why you are feeling restless. Focus on something else, your hot cup of tea for example.

What are your tips to overcome restlessness?



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