Spinning out Season 1


Title: Spinning out season 1
Creator: Samantha Stratton
Actors: Kaya Scodelario, January Jones, Willow Shields,
Date: 1 January 2020
My rating: 4/5

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About Spinning out season 1

Spinning out is about the world of figure skating and it is a hard one. Last year, Kat fell on the ice during nationals and now she is too scared on the ice. She thinks about quitting and wants to go to London with her boyfriend when one thing changes everything. She gets the opportunity to skate with Justin. One small problem: Justin is the rich annoying guy you want to avoid.


Okay, when I watched the trailer for the first time I thought it would be a mix of the movie ‘The ice princess’ and ‘black swan.’ But I can tell you it wasn’t as dark as the black swan. And still, this series has a darker side. Kat and her mom have both Bipolar and they are struggling. Not just with their mental illnesses but also with their relationship. They get into a fight a lot.

And I have to mention that it was a little bit weird to see that the mom looked the same age as her daughter Kat. I think Kat looks way too old for a 21-23-year-old woman. But I liked her (Kaya Scodelario) acting, so I kind of understand why they picked her for the role of Kat. All of the actors are really great and convincing.  I mean, I felt bad for some of the characters. And that only happens when the actors are great.

When I started to watch this series on a Thursday night, I just wanted to see one episode. But honestly, I couldn’t stop watching. This series is great. I definitely get why it gets a high score on IMDB.

And in the beginning, you would probably think that Justin Davis is super annoying, but it gets better. He was actually a nice person and I really felt bad for him at the end of the season. Something bad happened and he was about to lose everything.
And I also felt sorry for Kat’s best friend Jenn. Jenn has a bad injury but she doesn’t want to disappoint her family. Her family pay every coach for her. She can’t stop now. Even though the doctor tells her to stop and to be careful.

Will be there a season 2? I am not sure. It felt like there was no cliffhanger and

Are you going to watch Spinning out Season 1?



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