Things you can do when you’re on your period

Being on your period is no fun at all, especially when you have cramps and are in discomfort. Sometimes you just want to stay in bed all day long and feel sorry for yourself. But from my own personal experience, I know that feeling sorry for yourself is not going to make you feel better. It is better to do something to distract yourself. But of course, when you are in pain you’re not in the mood to do anything at all. So I created a little list of things you can do when you’re on your period. Most of these things do not cost a lot of energy, but they distract you.

Things you can do when you’re on your period

Watch movies. This is probably one of my favourite activities when I am on my period. I can still stay in bed and eat junk food. But at the same time, it is the perfect distraction. Pick any movie on Netflix and just enjoy. Or maybe Gilmore Girls is your comfort series too and you want to watch that instead.
Read books. But maybe you prefer books over movies. Pick a book and just relax. Spend a few hours (if you have the time) in a different world.
Bake brownies. I am always very hungry during that time of the month, so baking something is definitely on my to-do list when I am on my period. Especially now it is getting colder I love to bake. And when it is ready, you can eat it all.
Light exercises. Exercise can help with cramps. Ride your bike or go out for a walk when you just got your period. It is going to make a difference for the rest of your period this month.
Getting a massage. When you have bad cramps, you can also get back pain. So book a massage, ask your partner or just massage yourself. You get cramps because the blood circulation is not great. When you massage that area, you feel better almost instantly.
Buy yourself flowers. Treat yourself on something nice. This is the time of the month to be extra nice to yourself. Buy yourself chocolate too. You deserve it.
Take naps. Sometimes you can feel extra tired when you’re on your period. Take a nap if possible and don’t feel guilty about it. It is better to take a 20-minute nap and feel a lot better afterwards than be tired and less productive.
Listen to a podcast. You can also just lie down on your bed or couch and just listen to an audiobook or a podcast.
Start journaling. Or just write down all of your thoughts and feelings. I think it is a great idea to work on yourself while you’re on your period. You can do it anywhere.
Start a bullet journal. Or maybe you like to make lists or want to keep a journal with all of the books and movies you’ve seen. Make a bullet journal filled with memories.
Practise mindfulness. Mindfulness is just doing things while being present, so you’re not thinking about something else. Every time you get a thought, you refocus on the thing you were doing. Mindfulness has a lot of benefits.
Meditate. Meditating is pretty similar to mindfulness, but in this case, you sit or lay down and just focus on one thing (for example, your breathing) and when you’re getting thoughts, you just let them go.
Cuddle with your pet. Sometimes all you need is a cuddle from your cat or dog. They will also probably like it if you spend a little bit of time with them.

What do you like to do when you’re on your period?

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