Reasons to watch Love in the villa on Netflix

I love to watch romance movies on Netflix and when I have found a good one, I want to share it with others. This time I watched ‘Love in the villa’ and it was honestly a great romance movie in my opinion. So today I will give a few reasons to watch Love in the villa on Netflix.

About the movie
Julie wants to go to Verona and experience the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story. She wanted to go with her boyfriend, but they broke up before the trip. But instead of not going, she decides to go alone. When she arrives at the apartment she rented, there is an unpleasant surprise. Apparently, Charlie also rented the same place. The apartment is double-booked. The owner proposes they just share it, which is exactly what they are going to do. But they do not like each other at all, but slowly they get to know each other a little bit better and realize the other is not so bad. Then the exes arrive at the place, which makes everything complicated.

Reasons to watch Love in the Villa

It is a romantic movie
It is an enemies-to-lovers kind of movie. If you are a big fan of that, definitely watch this one. I don’t think I have to explain myself, because romance movies are always feel-good movies. Everything works out in the end. It is just good for your mood and it makes you forget all of the bad things that are happening in the world.

It was funny at some points
The drama that is going on with Charlie and Julie is sometimes funny and entertaining. They both try to scare the other person away, so one of them will have the whole apartment to him/herself. One of my favourite scenes is with the cats. I am a huge cat fan and when there are cats in the movie, I give extra bonus points. But Charlie is allergic to cats, so Julie tries to scare him away with the cats.

It is set in Verona, Italy
I have never been to Italy, but it looks so beautiful and it is definitely on my list. I love Italian music, food and their language are just beautiful. I barely speak Italian, but it always sounds so beautiful. This movie takes place in Verona and it is so beautiful. I also had to think about the movie ‘Letters to Juliet’ because it was basically filmed in the same places. The whole movie reminded me of ‘Letters to Juliet’ actually. But of course, both movies are romance movies and all romance movies are basically the same. Two people fall in love, then something happens and they fight and eventually they get back together again.

They used Italian music
When Americans make a romance movie about France or in this case Italy, they mostly use American music in the movie. But this one was different. They actually used Italian songs/artists for this movie and that is another reason to watch this movie. I mean, when a movie takes place in Italy you have to use Italian music. It gives you a more Italian vibe. I really liked it. They finally put some effort into the songs they are using for the movie.


But there was also one thing I did not like about this movie and I would also like to mention that scene. There is one scene when they are eating and fighting. And the close-ups in that scene were really weird. Stop using close-ups in romance movies unless it is necessary. Now it was just awkward and cringe.



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