How to be more sustainable in everyday life

These days we are talking about how we can be more sustainable. Most of the time we are looking at other people or big companies. But those little things matter too. There are tons of ways to help the planet. I give you a few tips on how to be more sustainable in everyday life. These tips will not only help you to save the planet but it will also save you some money. And nobody is perfect. You don’t have to do all of these things, every little step is helpful.

How to be more sustainable in everyday life

Make your own lunch
And don’t throw it away at work or school, just so you can buy something else. Most lunches you can buy at the supermarket are packed in plastic. Of course, I still think you can treat yourself to something delicious every now and then. But when you use a container for your lunch, you waste less plastic. Maybe you can take leftovers to work. Making your own lunch does not have to be boring.

Shower for 5 minutes
I can’t understand how people are spending half an hour in the shower. 5-10 minutes should be enough for everyone. My hair is long, thick and wavy and I don’t need half an hour to wash my hair. This way you also save some money, because you stop spilling so much water and gas. Which means you have money for other things, like your hobbies. It is really a win-win situation.

Bring your own mug or water bottle to work
Single use plastic is already forbidden here in Europe. At my workplace, they use paper cups. But they still use them one time and they throw them away. They are not even recycling them most of the time. Which is still bad for the environment. Just bring your own mug to work or buy a water bottle. I never go outside without my water bottle. When you buy a water bottle make sure, it is BPA free. Not all of them are BPA free, because apparently they can be harmful to your health.

Use reusable make-up removing cotton pads
Yes, you can use cotton pads for removing your make-up. But there are the kinds you throw away after a single use and those you can wash and use again. I bought mine a year ago and I still use them. I always put them in the washing machine every single week and clean them. They still smell clean. The good thing is, you only have to buy those once and after that you don’t have to buy new ones again. It will also save you a little bit of money. Although from personal experience, using reusable pads for removing nail polish is not recommended. It is possible, but it is hard to clean them in the washing machine.

Take your bike or use public transport
My parents never had a car when I grew up, so I always had to take my bike to get somewhere, even in the rain. And when it was too far away, I took public transport. When I turned 18, I thought about it to get my drivers’ license, but at that time, I thought it was useless. And now I am 30 and I still don’t have a drivers’ license, but I am totally okay with it. Taking a car is easier sometimes. I also understand not every country has great public transport or bike lanes. But find out if there is a more sustainable way to get from A to B. I mean, I see people sometimes taking the car to the supermarket. The closest supermarket is 1 KM away. I can even walk that if I wanted.

Bring your own bag to the supermarket
In Europe it is normal to bring your own bag to stores and supermarkets. If you want a plastic bag, you have to pay for it these days. And that sounds like a waste of money. So I always bring a tote bag or a big shopper if I am going to the supermarket or go shopping. The best thing is the bags are stronger too.

Put leftovers in the freezer
If you made too much food last night, put it in the fridge, freezer or bring it to your work as lunch. Just don’t throw it away unless it smells and tastes bad. Putting leftovers in the freezer is also great for those days when you don’t great and you don’t have the energy to make dinner. You can just defrost it and eat it. It doesn’t cost a lot of energy. If you put it in the fridge or freezer, put a label on the box, so you know how old it is.

Turn the lights off when you leave the room
To save energy and money, you can turn off everything you don’t need anymore including turning off the light when you walk out of the room. Unless you come back in 5 minutes, there is no need to keep the light on all day/night. Don’t put your charger in contact all day long either. Only put your charger in the contact when you actually have to charge something. It is also safer that way. A lot of fires start because people charge their phones all night.

Wear extra layers instead of turning heating on
This is probably one of the best tips I can give you right now because of the gas prices. They are insane! So saving money is a great idea. Always try to keep yourself warm by wearing some extra layers. Some people put the thermostat on 25 degrees while they walk around in a shirt in the middle of the winter. It is also good for the environment to save a little gas every day.




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