Things you can do this summer

It is officially the first day of the summer! Maybe you are already on a break or maybe you will have a few weeks off soon, but you still have no idea what you want to do. Don’t worry. I’ve made this list for you so you won’t get bored. I bet there is something on this list you can do this summer.

Things you can do this summer

  1. Go to a festival. Festivals are the best. You can just chill while you are listening to live music. Find a cool festival you want to attend and bring your friends. Sometimes they organize free festivals too.
  2. Go to a food festival. If you prefer to eat food, go to a food festival and try something you’ve never had before.
  3. Go geocaching. This is the perfect thing to do for the whole family and it is completely free too. All you need is a GPS on your phone.
  4. Go to the beach. Don’t forget to bring enough water, food and sunscreen.
  5. Organize a dinner party. Let everyone bring one dish and just have fun with your friends.
  6. Make your own ice cream. There are so many ways to make your own ice cream, even when you are lactose intolerant.
  7. Make mocktails or cocktails. Without mocktails/cocktails it is not summer.
  8. Make a smoothie(bowl). The perfect and healthy breakfast for the summer,
  9. Play badminton. This is the perfect sport to play in summer.
  10. Learn how to (roller)skate. The perfect way to be active and have fun.
  11. Movie night with friends. Pick a movie you all will like and make enough snacks too. Here is a list of a few of my favourite movies.
  12. Picknick at the park. Spend a few hours at the park. You can do this alone or with friends.
  13. Visit a new city in your own country. There is always something new to discover.
  14. Go bowling. The perfect activity for when it is raining.
  15. Get a job for the summer. Maybe you just want to earn some money.
  16. Redecorate house/room. Decorating is fun!
  17. Hold a photoshoot for your Instagram. Get some inspiration from Pinterest and take new photos.
  18. Read a book. Reading is always a great idea. 
  19. Karaoke. Also, the perfect activity to do with friends when it is raining.
  20. Learn how to hula hoop. Apparently, you can get fit in no time with a hula hoop.
  21. Bake cookies. Don’t do this on a hot summer day, but do this on a rainy day or when it is colder.
  22. Go swimming. Go to the pool for an hour every morning.
  23. Play a board game. Make some snacks and beat your friends/family with monopoly.
  24. Go (thrift) shopping. Looking for new summer clothes?
  25. Declutter. And get rid of everything you don’t use or wear anymore.
  26. Try new hairstyles. Do something crazy.
  27. Camp in your garden. When you are staying at home this summer, you can always pretend you are on a holiday.
  28. Buy a trampoline. Perfect for the whole family!
  29. Learn to play the ukelele. Learn your favourite songs on the ukelele.
  30. Make your garden ready for the summer. Clean up your garden!
  31. Learn a new language. Impress everyone by learning how to speak Spanish, Italian or another language.
  32. Go Midget golfing. Try to get a hole-in-one.
  33. Go to a museum. It is always cool in the museum. So go to the museum if you don’t like the hot weather.
  34. Start a blog, Instagram account or a TikTok account. Be creative.
  35. Do a 30-day challenge. There are so many challenges you can find on Pinterest. From a fitness challenge to a reading challenge.
  36. Go to the Ikea. I always like to walk around in the Ikea (except on a Saturday).
  37. Roast marshmallows. Typical summer activity.
  38. Go-karting. Great activity for a rainy day.
  39. Make your own beauty products. No weird ingredients, just pure from nature.
  40. Volunteer. Help others.
  41. Keep a journal and fill it with memories. It is always to look back and see what happened in the summer
  42. Start a bullet journal. Great way to write down your memories and other lists.
  43. Listen to music. Just try to discover new artists and songs.
  44. Go book shopping. My favourite activity.
  45. Make art. Bring out the Picasso in you.
  46. Try a Pinterest DIY. There are so many DIYs you can do.
  47. Exercise. Run, go to a Zumba class or do a dance workout
  48. Read a magazine. In summer there are always tons of summer editions of magazines full with inspiration.
  49. Just chill and do nothing. This is harder than it sounds. Do nothing means literally doing nothing, so no phone either.
  50. Read self-improvement books. Become the best version of yourself over the summer.
  51. Do yoga. The perfect way to relax and get fit.
  52. Try Pilates. Another way to relax and be active at the same time.
  53. Try a new hobby. Try something you’ve always wanted to try.
  54. Try new pizza flavours. Who doesn’t love pizza?
  55. Start to grow your own veggie garden. Okay, it is best to start planting veggies in spring but there are still many things you can plant in summer. For example radish, beets, spinach and more.
  56. Go for a long bike ride. Try to find new favourite spots to hang out.
  57. Ride a hot air balloon. The only season when you can really do this.
  58. Go on a city trip. Go away for a few days.
  59. Rent a boat with your friends. Make sure someone has a license.
  60. Go to a theme park. Just have fun at Disneyland or a different theme park in your country.
  61. Go to the fair. Win something at the fair, ride the rollercoaster and eat cotton candy.
  62. Visit your friends/family. Don’t forget to make time for them.
  63. Go to the theatre. See a play or a musical.
  64. Buy new swimwear. If you want to go swimming, you need new swimwear.
  65. Watch the sunset. Go to the beach and watch the sunset.
  66. Buy a hammock and chill. Hold a siësta in the afternoon.
  67. Make a puzzle. There are tons of puzzles you can do. Good for your brain.
  68. Hike or walk. Get your body moving
  69. Create a wellness/self-care day for yourself. Go to the sauna, get a massage or just do it at your own home. Buy facemasks and everything.
  70. Try Embroidery. Be creative.
  71. Make your own jewellery. Make bracelets for yourself and others or maybe sell them on Etsy.
  72. Pick wildflowers. Make sure it is allowed. 
  73. Watch the full moon. And do a full moon ritual.
  74. Wake up early. And watch the sunset, walk and get things done in early in the morning. Perfect things to do on a hot summer day. It is still cool in the morning and you can get things done without sweating too much.
  75. Make balcony/garden bee/butterfly friendly. We gotta help the planet right?
  76. Meditate. Quiet the voice in your head.
  77. Make your own jam. Pick strawberries and make jam.
  78. Write your own poetry. Write down your feelings.
  79. Write a book. Or create a whole different world in your head and write it down.
  80. Follow an online course. There are so many courses you can follow, some of them cost nothing.
  81. Do a social media detox. It is good to recharge yourself and stop spending time on your phone all the time. Start living in the real world.
  82. Make TikTok videos. I really like making TikTok videos.
  83. Dance in the rain. Pretend you are the main character and you’re in a movie. Who says rain is a bad thing?
  84. Look for falling stars and make a wish. Some nights there are a lot of falling stars.
  85. Make new salads. The perfect dish for summer
  86. Do something outside of your comfort zone. It is scary but you will learn from it. When you do the same things over and over again, you will get the same results. Do something else, get out of your comfort zone.
  87. Get a henna tattoo. Make sure you go to the right place and read their reviews.
  88. Spend all day in nature. Nature heals.
  89. Make a mini library. Share the books you’ve read with others. 
  90. Walk your dog. Or if you don’t have a dog, find someone who has and ask if you can walk their dog.
  91. Play beach volleyball or beach football. For everyone who wants to go to the beach but can’t sit still all day long.
  92. Attend a parade. From gay pride to summer carnival parade.
  93. Make your own ice tea. Perfect refreshment for a warm day.
  94. Make your own ice coffee. for the coffee lovers.
  95. Sell your old stuff. Make some money.
  96. Go on a road trip. Call your friend and just have fun. Make no plans and see where you guys end up.
  97. Go to a wine tasting. For everyone who loves wine.
  98. Go to a football game. Or a hockey game or another sport you like.
  99. Do a random act of kindness. Be nice to people and make their day.
  100. Play disc golf. If you don’t midget golf, maybe you will like disc golf.
  101. Run a themed 5K. I can highly recommend this! There are 5k like the Color Run or running through buildings. It is better than normal 5k’s in my opinion.
  102. Paddle a canoe. Don’t forget to use sunscreen. you can burn fast on the water.
  103. Make a summer playlist. And share it with others.
  104. Go to a farmer’s market. Buy your veggies and other products local.
  105. Sleep in a treehouse. There are Airbnbs where you can literally sleep in a treehouse.
  106. Go to a drive-in movie. It is something different from going to a normal cinema.
  107. Spend the entire day barefoot. Don’t do this in a city, be careful of glass and other things. But it is good for your feet to go barefoot.
  108. Go backpacking. Go interrailing through Europe!
  109. Visit a historical site. A great way to learn more and when you like history.

    Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash



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