3 Youtube channels with dance workouts

I know exercising is good for you, but I also don’t like to go to the gym. I also don’t want to join a group sport because I want to move to the other side of the country soon. So, what is the point of taking classes I thought? I knew there were many work-outs videos available on YouTube, so I decided to look for something that I would like too. Then I found a dance workout video and clicked on it. And since that moment, I’ve never tried something else. Okay, maybe a few Yoga videos, but every day I look up a dance workout I want to do. And there are so many great, for each mood. There are videos with 2000’s songs or just BeyoncĂ© songs. And they are for beginners too, you don’t have to be a great dancer to do these work-outs and they are a lot of fun to do. Suddenly working out did not feel like working out anymore. These are my favourite 3 YouTube channels with dance work-outs.

3 YouTube channels with dance workouts

Pamela Reif

I think Pamela’s channel was the first channel I found with dance work-outs. And they are great. Her channel is filled with tons of workout videos. And not just dance work-outs, she also filmed pilates, booty and abs videos for her channel. One of her videos is one of my favourite dance work-outs and that is the one you can see above. It is called Happy dance work-out and yes, it made me very happy. It is a combination of working out, dancing and just having fun. I love it. I still follow this video every now and then. And the first time, it might be hard to follow but if you do the same workout every day, you will memorize the dances and it gets easier.


Another channel is Madfit, made by Maddie Lymburner and just like Pamela, she also shares other work-outs and not just dance work-outs. This is great because if you just want to focus on your abs, you can do that. There are shorter and longer work-outs videos on her channel. One of her videos is just a 5-minute calf workout. 5 minutes is nothing, almost everyone can do that. The good thing about these channels is that you don’t need equipment most of the time. This is perfect for every beginner. And if you like Harry Styles, there is a workout video with Harry Styles music and is just 3 minutes long.


I decided to save my personal favourite one for last. I’ve been doing her dance work-outs almost every single day now and they are great. I’ve tried the Jennifer Lopez one and the one with only 2000s music, which was so much fun. She also makes videos with just ‘normal’ work-outs. And there are dance work-outs that fully concentrate on getting toned legs and thighs. You can definitely find the perfect workout for you. She also says at the beginning that if something is too hard, you can improvise. What I like about her channel is her vibe, the facts she shows the next move/exercise in the corner so you know what to expect. There are even walking work-outs and I definitely want to try those in the future. I can definitely recommend her workouts. They are perfect for beginners and there is no pressure to be perfect.



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