31 movies I love to watch

The other day I shared on TikTok a video with 31 movies I love to watch and I thought it would be cool to also share the list here on my blog. I m a huge movie fan, but to be honest I haven’t seen a lot of movies this year. I decided to reduce the time I spend on TikTok and I also decided I only wanted to watch movies (and series) that are going to put me in a good mood. But I guess I’ve always liked the same kind of movie. I like the cheesy romantic ones!

Let me know how many movies on this list you like.

31 movies I love to watch

  • Mean Girls: Back when Lindsay Lohan was one of my favourite actresses. This movie is iconic. Don’t recommend watching Mean girl 2 though. Only the first movie was great.
  • Legally Blonde (1 and 2). Okay, these are two movies and there is coming a third movie of Legally blonde I believe. A blonde woman tries to get back with her ex, trying to prove she is not just a beauty but also has brains.
  • Grease. Great music, great vibes. Do I need to say more?
  • Dirty Dancing. Everyone knows the iconic lift and song from Dirty Dancing.
  • The Proposal. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in this funny Romcom movie.
  • The Last Song. A very sad but beautiful movie starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. They fell in love on and off-screen. Written by Nicholas Sparks.
  • Pride and Prejudice. One of my favourites of all time.
  • Eat pray love. Great movie about finding yourself and finding happiness.
  • Holidate. Pretty new Netflix movie but I love this one.
  • 10 things I hate about you. Another movie you have to watch!
  • Notting Hill. A normal man falls in love with a famous actress.
  • Pretty Woman. A woman’s life changed completely when a man pays her for her company.
  • Never been kissed. A woman goes back to high school pretending she is a student, but she is writing an article instead. But at the same time, she falls in love with the teacher.
  • The Parent Trap. One of my favourite movies when I was younger.
  • New York Minute. One of my favourite movies of the Olsen twins.
  • While you were sleeping. Great movie to watch around Christmas. A woman has a crush on a guy she sees every day at the train station. He falls on the tracks and has lost his memories. Everyone thinks that this woman is his fiancĂ©.
  • The Wedding Planner. Great movie. A wedding planner plans a wedding for the guy she likes.
  • Maid in Manhattan. Another great movie with Jennifer Lopez.
  • Letters to Juliet. A cute movie that takes place in Italy. The perfect movie to watch in summer.
  • A Cinderella Story. Only the original movie with Hillary Duff is the best.
  • First Daughter. The daughter of the president of the U.S.A. wants to go study. But her parents are trying to protect her too much.
  • Coyote Ugly. About following your dreams.
  • Clueless. Another iconic movie you have to watch.
  • Titanic. When you have a few hours, watch Titanic.
  • 27 dresses. Great rom-com movie about a journalist who interviews a woman who went to 27 weddings.
  • You’ve got mail. The perfect movie for book lovers.
  • 13 going on 30. When a girl thinks her life will be amazing at 30.
  • Bring it on. Great Cheerleader movies.
  • The Prince & me. A normal student falls in love with a Prince without knowing he is a prince.
  • The holiday. The movie you have to watch around Christmas.
  • Mamma mia. A very happy movie with only ABBA songs.

    Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash



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