Things you can do during the holidays

Christmas in less than three weeks. Did you make plans for the holidays or maybe you have no idea what you want to do during the holidays? That is okay, I made a list of things you can do during the holidays. I bet there is something on this list you want to do. I am also going to pick something from this list too because I still have no idea what I am going to do this Christmas with my family. We still don’t have any plans.

Things you can do during the holidays

Watch Christmas movies
The most obvious one but who does not love a good Christmas movie. You can go for the all-time classic movies like ‘Home Alone 1&2’ or ‘Elf’, but maybe you are in the mood for a different movie this year. If you see the same movie every single year, it can get boring right? If you also have Netflix, there are quite a few new Christmas movies you can watch with your whole family, My favourites this year are ‘LoveHard‘, ‘Single all the way’ and of course ‘The Princess Switch 3‘. But they’re so many great Christmas movies you can watch. Another good movie is ‘Klaus’.

Bake something
It feels like Christmas is more about food these days, so that gives you the opportunity to make something delicious. Find a great recipe on the internet for (vegan) Brownies or maybe you want to make a beautiful chocolate pie or make reindeer / Santa clause cupcakes. And the best thing about baking is that you have to eat it and your whole house smells great too.

Make a puzzle
If you have more than just 2 days off for Christmas, you can start a puzzle. Or you just pick an easy one that your whole family can make. My favourite puzzles to make are the Disney ones. I found a couple on Amazon from the brand Ravensburger here. The quality of the puzzles is great. But these puzzles are great because it helps you to relax, which is good. After all, a lot of people experience a lot of holiday stress. But it is also very fun to make this with your whole family. Make some snacks and drinks and just have fun.

Play board games
I haven’t played board games in a very long time but the holidays are the perfect moment to play a game. You can play the good old game Monopoly or Guess who? There are so many great board games these days, there will be something you can find something your whole family will like. I also like playing UNO or simple card games. And don’t forget it is not about winning! It is about having a good time with your family.
Bake something

Go out for a long walk
When it is cold, I don’t spend a lot of time outside. But during the holidays I am even more inactive. It is good for your health and mental health to move your body. So after a great brunch or lunch, you can go for a walk and maybe someone else will join you. You can look at how everyone else is celebrating the holidays. That is my favourite thing to do. I love to walk around after dinner and look into other’s people houses. But seeing those happy faces makes me happy too. And of course, at night you can see the Christmas lights everywhere and everything looks so pretty.

What’s is more fun than singing songs. Try not to be too loud if you have neighbours but other than that, go crazy! maybe you will find out that your cousin can sing or your boring uncle is not so boring anymore. Karaoke brings out the best of people in my opinion. Everyone is laughing, singing and dancing. Nobody cares about how terrible your singing voice is. It is just about having fun with your family. And you don’t need a karaoke set. There are enough karaoke songs you can find on YouTube and you can use the hairspray bottle as your microphone.

Volunteer or do something good
Life goes on, even during the holidays. And a lot of people don’t want to work on those days. But some organisations still need help. Maybe the local shelter needs help Some churches are looking for people who can help out. You ask around if someone needs help during the holidays or try to find it on the internet.
And maybe you find out that someone else is spending Christmas alone, maybe you can celebrate it together. Some people don’t want to be alone during Christmas but they have no one to spend it with. You will make them happy by inviting them to Christmas dinner. Or if you know a poor family who can’t afford gifts or even just a Christmas meal, donate something. Bring them food or dress up as Santa Claus and bring them gifts.

Film TikTok videos with family
Tiktok is very popular at this moment and it is not just for kids. There are so many different kinds of videos you can make on TikTok. You can share your passion or just do a TikTok dance. Learn how to do a TikTok dance with your family, film it and upload it. I like doing those dances and they have some Christmas dances too. Go crazy with your outfit and film your crazy TikTok videos. Maybe there is a chance you go viral too.

If you enjoy the cold and snow, you can book a holiday to the snow. Bring your ski’s and snowboard and spend your days in the snow. Be careful of course, because you don’t want to spend your Christmas days in the hospital. I’ve never been on a winter sport before, but it looks like a lot of fun. After a whole day of skiing, you can order the best Christmas meal you’ve ever had. That’s is right, you don’t have to make your own Christmas dinner. Sounds like a dream, right? And if you can’t go on a winter sport because you only have two days off from work/school, you can also go to a place where you can snowboard in a huge hall just for a few hours. Or find a place where you can go ice skating.

These are the things you can do during the holidays. Do you have plans for this Christmas or are you still looking for some fun ideas?

Photo by Arun Kuchibhotla on Unsplash



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