Why you should celebrate each day

It is just a few days before Christmas and there was one thing I realized yesterday. We are so busy organizing things for Christmas that we completely forget about enjoying this moment. Who says you will still be here this Christmas? Nobody knows. That sounds depressing but hopefully, this blog post on ‘how to celebrate each day’ will also open your eyes.
And yes, this time it is Christmas, but next week we wait for the New Year and after that maybe after that our birthdays or we are waiting until it is Friday again when we are at work. We are constantly waiting and we forget to live in the present moment. I have to admit I do this too. I am not perfect. But I am happy that I just realized this, because now I know I can change that and just enjoy every moment. And so can you.

We are constantly waiting

Isn’t it crazy that we are constantly waiting for something? We are waiting for Christmas because we think we’ll be happy then. Or we are waiting for Friday because you can’t wait to have some time for yourself. Or we are waiting for the perfect moment, which will never come. At that is the whole point. We can organize the best Christmas party every, but we can still be very unhappy. And at the same time, we are wasting our time by waiting for Christmas. But life is so short and so precious. No matter what your situation is right now, we should and can enjoy it. If it is a beautiful sunny day, go outside and enjoy the moment. Or get a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy your break.

Be mindful & gratitude

How to enjoy each day? It is very easy and it is free, you just have to be more mindful. Being mindful means you are completely in the now. You focus on one thing at a time. If you drink a cup of tea, you just focus on that. If you are working, you just focus on one task at a time. If you like to watch Netflix, focus on the movie or series and don’t look on your phone while you are watching tv. If you go outside, notice everything that is happening around you. If you want to be more mindful, use your senses. What do you see, hear, smell, taste or feel at this moment? This is also a great exercise if you are feeling anxious.

Another way to start enjoying each moment a little bit more is to be more grateful. We follow our routines and sometimes we are blind to the things that are happening around us or to us. Try to be more mindful and see what is happening around you and be grateful for that. At first, this might be a challenge. You might think that nothing good happens to you. But you can start small. Name a few things you like about yourself or your life. Be grateful for the sun, be grateful for the rain. Be grateful that someone smiled at you for no reason. And when you practise this every single day, it will become easier to focus on the things you can be grateful for.

How to celebrate each day?

There are so many things you can do to enjoy this moment but everyone is different, so you have to figure out what makes you happy by yourself. But here are a few ideas on how to celebrate each day.

Do something crazy. Is there something you want to do, but you just never did? Do it now! Do you want to start a business? Do it! Bungee jumping? Why not?
Wear your favourite outfits. Why dress nicely on Christmas and not on a random Tuesday? Wear that pretty dress or that suit. If it makes you feel better then you should do it!
Bake/cook something special. We try a lot of special dishes during the holidays, but your dinner doesn’t have to be boring on a ‘normal’ day. Or do you want to bake brownies? Go for it
Release your inner child. Do you want to play and have fun? Do it! Play a game with friends or build a tent in your living room just for fun.
Buy something nice for yourself. A lot of people buy gifts during the holidays, but why not treat yourself to something nice on a random day in April? Maybe there is something on your wishlist you’ve wanted to buy for such a long time. This is your sign to buy it now for yourself.
Put your phone away. If you realize you use your phone a lot, put it away. It is so much easier to enjoy life when you are not on the phone.
Read a book. Pick something you’ll enjoy and try to read for an hour without any distractions. so put your phone away.
Dance to your favourite music. I like to dance, so every now and then I have a dance party on my own. Sometimes I do this even when I am cleaning or making dinner.
Create a moment for yourself. Do something for yourself for a moment. This can mean doing meditation for 5 minutes or drinking a cup of tea. Or taking a shower with your favourite beauty products.
Hang out with friends and family. Christmas is not the only time of the year when you can have a good time with friends or family. Call them and invite them over for dinner and let them bring something to eat too.

The point is that you should enjoy it. We shouldn’t wait for something, we should enjoy and celebrate each day. Because be realistic, Christmas is just another day. We just gave that meaning to that day. Some people don’t celebrate Christmas and for them, it is just another day. Which mean you can also decide to make each day special. And remember you are in control of your own life. You decide what you do and how to react to things.



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