Books I read in November 2021

November was not a good reading month if I am being honest and I am not sure why. I guess I was busy doing other things in the evening. Eventually, I read three books this month. All of them are romance books and one of them was a Christmas book I wanted to read last year. Hopefully, I can and will read more in December so my list will be longer. I already made a very long list of the books I want to read this winter. I have two weeks off at the end of December, so hopefully, I will be able to read some more. But these are the books I read in November.

Books I read in November

I love you, I hate you – Elizabeth Davis
I did not write a blog post about this and now I am just at this point that I am not sure if I still could write a good review about it because it is been almost a month. I read this book at the beginning and I liked it. This book reminded me of the movie ‘You’ve got mail’ and guess what? The author mentioned she was inspired by this movie. If you loved that movie, you will definitely like this book. The two main characters (Victoria and Owen) are both lawyers and they have to ‘fight’ against each other during several cases. At the same time,e they are messaging each other on Twitter, but the thing is they have no idea who they are talking to. They both use different names online. This book was cute and I enjoyed it. Although I remember that there was one thing about this book that annoyed me. Since the moment Owen found out that his online friend (he fell in love with) was Victoria, he tried to talk about it to her several times. But Victoria was the kind of woman that did not let him finish. So every time he wanted to tell her that he was her online friend, she just cut him off because of some reason. I hate when people do that. Just let other people finish their speech or even just a sentence. At some point, I wanted to slap her in the face because of that. That did not make her more likeable.

in a holidaze christina lauren

In a Holidaze – Christina Lauren
This was the book I wanted to read last year, but I did not have enough time then. So I waited another few months so I could read it around Christmas time. I love Christina’s books a lot and especially enjoyed reading ‘The unhoneymooners but I am going, to be honest, and say I did not enjoy this book that much. I was not feeling the chemistry between the two characters. So I was a little bit disappointed because everyone seemed to love this book and I did not. This book is about Mae. Mae is on a holiday with her family and friends of her family and on her way home, she gets into an accident. But she does not wake up in a hospital, she wakes up on a plane. When she asks her brother what happened and where they are going to, he tells her he has no idea what she is talking about but they are on their way to the cabin to celebrate Christmas. That is the moment when she is stuck in this loop and now she has to figure out what mistake she made and what makes her happy.
This book reminded me of ‘Before I fall’ where this girl is also stuck in a loop and she has to find out what she did wrong. This was another groundhog day kind of book. If you enjoy that, maybe this book might be the perfect book for you.

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The Dating Dare jayci lee

The Dating Dare – Jayci Lee
I think this was my favourite book this month. I enjoyed reading this and it was so much fun. It was romantic and funny. Tara is single and does not want to have something serious. Seth is moving away to Paris in a month. After a wedding, they drink a little bit and they start to play ‘Truth or Dare’. At some point, Tara picks Dare and Seth asks her out for just 4 dates, no strings attached. There is one rule: not to fall in love. Because that would make everything complicated. But during the first date, they realize they really like each other and slowly they start to fall for each other. I know this is the second book in the ‘Sweet mess’ series and I haven’t read the first book, but that was not necessary. Although now I want to buy and read the first book too because I liked this one a lot. I can definitely recommend this book to everyone who likes romance.

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How many books did you read this month?



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