Reasons to watch Eurovision 2022

Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow is the big final of Eurovision 2022. If you haven’t seen the semi-finals and are not sure if you should watch it, I will give you reasons to watch Eurovision.
I am a massive fan of Eurovision and I have been watching it since I was very little. Every year around March/April I get all excited again and I start to listen to the new songs and pick my favourites. Eurovision is crazy and sometimes a bit over the top, but there are always a few great songs.

Reasons to watch Eurovision 2022

Great songs
Bookmakers are almost 100% sure Ukraine will win, but in my opinion, there are so many great entries this year. Ukraine has a great song too, although they are probably going to win because of the war. But if they don’t win, I have a few other favourites I like to see win this year. I like my own country (The Netherlands) entry this year. I also Sweden, Italy and Armenia a lot. And there are also a few other great songs, but I don’t think they will win though. But I think there is a song for everyone this year, no matter what kind of music you like.

Crazy acts
Every year, there is one country that sends a very interesting act and this year it is Norway. They are sending two yellow wolves and an astronaut. I have to admit the song is pretty catchy and I think it might get a lot of votes from the public but it is not a winner for me. But every year there are some interesting acts and it makes you laugh.

Will the United Kingdom get more points than last year?
We all remember the United Kingdom getting 0 points from the Jury AND public vote. I have to admit, the United Kingdom is not my favourite this year but a lot of others seem to like this song. I think they will get way more points than last year, maybe even the top 15. But you have to be careful because it is Eurovision and you never know what is going to happen.

Time to party
This year there are a lot of ballads from female singers, but if you are not into that don’t worry. Moldova survived the semi-finals and is going to perform in the final too. Their song is very folklore and it is the perfect song to dance to (or maybe a bathroom break, you decide).
I also think Norway, Spain, and France are the perfect songs to get up from your couch and dance a bit. I mean, sitting down for 4 hours is impossible right?

Cringy hosts
The most cringe part about Eurovision? The hosts. It always looks fake and weird. You can tell they practised a lot on what to say. And they always do the weirdest things on stage and say the craziest things. But I was surprised Mika is a host this year, which is pretty cool actually. I mean, he is a huge superstar (his song ‘grace kelly’ was a huge hit).

Are you going to watch Eurovision this year?



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