Things I’ve learned from ‘What the bleep do we know’ | Documentary

What the bleep do we know is a documentary about quantum physics. If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction you’ve heard of these things before. They even talked about it in ‘The Secret’ documentary for a second. But this whole documentary was about Quantum Physics and yes sometimes it was hard to follow because I am definitely not an expert. But today I am going to share the things I’ve learned from ‘What the bleep do we know’ with you so you don’t have to watch the documentary. These are things you can use if you really want to change your life.

This documentary is available on YouTube, but the quality of it is very low.

Things I’ve learned from ‘What the bleep do we know’

There is no difference between what is going on outside of us or in our minds
There have been many studies about this, but apparently, your brain does not know the difference between what is going on in the world or what you are visualizing in your mind. And you can really use this advantage. If your current life is not what your heart desires, then you can use visualization to change that. Sit down every single day and close your eyes. Think about the things you want to manifest and feel like it is already here, that you are already living that life.

Thinking the same things over and over again creates new networks in your brain
If you think ‘I am stupid’ one time, it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you hear or think it every single day then the brain installs new networks and that is becoming your new identity. If you hate your boss and you see him/her every day and you feel angry every time you see her/him, being angry becomes your new personality. It has become a habit to be angry. But the opposite exists too, if you are happy to see your boss, you will get those good feelings every time you see her/him.

Changing the networks in your brain is possible
Most people have a lot of negative emotions. They are jealous, angry and negative all the time. They are just not happy with the life they are living. But if that is you, don’t worry. It is totally possible to change it. According to Quantum physics, every time you have a negative thought you can interrupt it and if you do that, you no longer make that network stronger. You are making it weaker. And if you start choosing different thoughts, thoughts that will make you feel better, then you are making new networks in your brain that will help you to make those thoughts more dominant.

In the documentary, they also show that water responds to thoughts and words. Writing ‘love’ on a piece of paper changed the structure of water and the same thing applied to using words like anger and hate. And since we are 70% water, you can imagine our bodies/brains react the same way. Use better words/thoughts for yourself.

The documentary also mentioned that you will know when you are changing your networks/brain. Something in the outer world will be different. Maybe your co-workers will be nicer to you or maybe you meet new people or get new opportunities.




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