12 reasons why you should watch The Office (USA)

A few months ago I started to watch ‘The office’. I’ve heard so many people talking about it and it was my time to watch it. At first, I had to get used to the humour and the characters, but eventually, I actually started to like it. Today I am sharing 12 reasons why you should watch The Office.

What is The Office about?
The office is about an office (and warehouse) of a paper company in Scranton. Michael Scott is the manager and has to lead the whole office. It looks like a regular office but a lot of things happen all the time, crazy things too. Most of the time they are just pranking each other and it does not look like they do a lot, but somehow they are still the best functioning branch of the whole company.

12 reasons why you should watch The Office

1. It is so funny
Okay, you have to get used to the humour I think. I had to get used to it, but eventually, you realize this series is actually really funny. The office is filled with all different types of people. There is a woman who likes cats and is very religious, there is a guy who is the popular/handsome one, you have a gay person, a black person, the mother of the office type of person, the alcoholic, a pretty woman etc. Yes, the jokes are pretty harsh and offensive. But they make fun of every single person at the office.

2. Episodes are short
A lot of Netflix series is between 40 and 60 minutes long and yes sometimes that is nice, especially when a series is really good. But sometimes I have half an hour before I have to leave and I have no idea what I can do. Well, the episodes of The office are around 20 minutes long. Which is just perfect. Sometimes I just prefer to watch a series with shorter episodes.

3. Michael Scott
When I decided to watch the first episode a few months ago, I was shocked by the way Michael Scott behaved. I had to get used to his characters. He is so rude at some points. He was the reason why I wasn’t sure if I would like ‘the office’ at all. But eventually, I got used to him and his weird and rude behaviour. And there were even times when he behaved like a normal person. For example, when he showed up at Pam’s art show.

4. Jim and Pam
Pam is still dating and engaged to Roy from the warehouse, but you can already tell who is really the love of her life. Jim and Pam have a great connection/friendship. They have their inside jokes that nobody gets and they both like to make fun of Dwight. Every series has two people everyone ships together and in the office, it is Jim and Pam.

5. It is the perfect series to have on, in the background
Sometimes you want some background noise and instead of listening to music, some people like to turn on their tv. I think this is the perfect series to have on in the background. It is one of those series you don’t really have to pay attention to. You can turn this on while cleaning, cooking or when you are making a DIY.

6. Angela is the crazy cat lady
Okay, maybe there is one character that I really don’t like and that is Angela. Which is kind of funny, because I love cats too. But I think it is mostly because she is a very religious person, she does not like pranks and she tries to be the perfect person. I still don’t get it she was cheating on her fiancĂ© at one point. That still does not make sense since she is so religious.

7. The cast becomes your friends
I remember when I was watching Gilmore Girls, the characters eventually became a part of my life. They were all so unique and great. I have the same feeling about these people. Okay, Gilmore girls will always be my favourite series and nothing can beat that. But I still think in the future, I will see someone doing something weird and I might think that is a typical Dwight move or something. The characters become a part of your life.

8. Ups and downs
Just in everyone’s life, there are ups and downs. People get divorced, get married, people die and new people enter the series. I think that is why I think this is the kind of series that could be relatable to anyone. The characters are all so different, so I think there will always be one you can relate to.

9. The scene when Pams walks to the altar
One of my favourite scenes is the moment when Pam is walking to the altar. Yes, that is right. The whole scene is so over the top, so crazy but I was expecting something crazy. In this series nothing can go normal, you just have to expect something crazy is going to happen. But that scene was amazing. I loved it

10. You can watch it over and over
Are you sad that you have finished the whole series? Don’t worry! I think this is one of those series that does not get boring at all. I think most of the series that were made in the early 2000s are the kind of series you can always watch over and over again. I mean, Gilmore Girls and Friends are also made in the early 2000s and I can watch those series over and over again.

11. Dwight Schrute
I think the main character is actually Dwight (along with Michael). Dwight is the weird guy at the office, especially Jim makes a lot of fun of him. While Dwight sees Michael as his best friend and he is also trying to get a promotion all the time. He thinks he is the best salesperson in the whole office. He does weird things, like faking a fire and everyone at the office is going insane and Stanley even gets a heart attack because of that.

12. Stanley
Stanley really has this ‘not my problem’ attitude and I think this could be relatable to everyone. Everyone has had that moment where they just did not care about the things that happened. He is right though, because most of the meetings they have, are just weird and pointless meetings. I would have the same attitude.

Do you like to watch The Office?



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