New and Full Moon dates 2020


New and especially Full moon always interests me a lot. And since the moment I learned more about energy, spiritual things and meditation, I’ve learned that doing meditations can be much powerful during a New or Full Moon. That is why I always write down the dates of these two events.

Apparently it can be easier to manifest during New and Full Moon. It is a wonderful time to activate the Law of Attraction. That is the reason why I always participate in a Full Moon meditation with hundreds of other Dutch people online. A spiritual and lifecoach always does a live event on YouTube on those days. And it feels so powerful when you know that you are meditating together.

New and Full Moon dates 2020

Note: These New and Full Moon dates are not always the same for everyone. These are the dates for people who live in Europe. If you live somewhere else, it can be on another day (the day before or after).

Full Moon dates

Friday January 10 (Wolf Moon)
Sunday February 9 ( Snow Moon)
Monday March 9 (Worm Moon)
Wednesday April 8 (Pink Moon)
Thursday May 7 (Flower Moon)
Friday June 5 (Strawberry moon)
Sunday July 5 (Buck moon)
Monday Augusts 3 (Sturgeon Moon)
Wednesday September 2 ( Corn Moon)
Thursday October 1 (Harvest Moon)
Saturday October 31 (Blue Moon)
Monday November 30 (Beaver Moon)
Wednesday December 30 (Cold moon)

New Moon dates

Friday January 24
Sunday February 23
Tuesday March 24
Thursday April 23
Friday May 22
Sunday June 21
Monday July 20
Wednesday Augusts 19
Thursday September 17
Friday October 16
Sunday November 15
Monday December 14



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