My favorite Netflix series of 2019

We are getting to the end of 2019, which means every blogger and Youtuber is going to make lists with their favorites of 2019. And I am no different. I know we still have more than a month left and it is possible that new series can come out the next few weeks, but I am not going to watch anything new this year. 

And so I can already share my favorite Netflix series of 2019.  And of course, let me know what your favorite series are of 2019. And if you prefer watching videos. You can find the video at the end of this post.

My favorite Netflix series of 2019

The Walking dead

I started watching The Walking Dead in 2012. Around that time I was in my first year of University and I had a lot of guys in my class who loved to watch the Walking Dead. And for some reason, I decided to watch it too. And from that moment on, we discussed every single episode of TWD on Monday or Tuesdays. Our weekly walking dead discussion club came to an end when we had to do an internship, but I never stopped watching the walking dead. It is like one of those series I still watch, just because I really want to know who is going to survive. Some episodes are terrible and boring, but I will never stop watching The Walking dead. Okay, it takes a while before Netflix uploads the new seasons, but I really don’t care. It is the only legal way to watch it.

Stranger things season 3

Stranger Things season 3 came out this year on the fourth of July, which is not a holiday in my country. So I had no day off to watch it. But I watched every single episode of season 3 in just two days. Stranger things season 3 didn’t disappoint me at all. I loved it. Some series get boring after a couple of seasons, but not Stranger things. I really can’t wait for season 4.

13 reasons why season 3

I started to watch this because I also read the book and to be honest, I thought that season 1 was great. The second season was not so great. And I was afraid to watch season 3. Because sometimes you just have to end a series. And I think 13 reasons why is one of those series that shouldn’t get too many seasons. Season 3 was better than the second season in my opinion, but not better than season 1. I know that there will be a season 4, but hopefully, it will be the last season. I mean, I think it was great that they made something about bullying and suicide, But now it is just too much drama.


One of favorites. I think it is great that Netflix has a series about people with autism. I think the acting is amazing. The actor who plays Sam, who has autism, is an amazing actor. It is really hard to play someone who has autism and not to overdo it.
And this series is not just about Sam too, his sister Casey is struggling with her feelings for a girl. She is dating a guy for two seasons now and suddenly there is a girl, named Izzy and Casey really likes her.

The society

This is one of the series I don’t hear people talking about. But this series is great. It reminds me a little bit of ‘Under the Dome.’ But I really hope that this will be so much better than that series because I didn’t like the Under the Dome ending. Hopefully, they hire great writers to make this series great, because the storyline and season 1 is very promising. It is about teenagers who go on a trip because there is a terrible smell in town. But they never get to the end destination and turn around to their own town again. When they come back everyone and everything is gone, their parents and other cities are gone. Now, they have to survive on their own.

La casa de papel

I’ve heard so many people talking about this series. Honestly, I only started watching La casa this year, when season 3 came out. I thought it wasn’t something I would like. But I was so wrong. Definitely my favorite series on Netflix and I can’t wait to watch season 4, which comes out in January I think. I love the Spanish language, I love the actors and it is just brilliant.


You is about a stalker and he is obsessed with this girl and he knows everything about her. He gets a relationship with her, but some people notice that he is weird. He has a way to deal with those people, he just kills them. It is so interesting to see how his minds works and everything. You season 2 comes out at the end of the year and I really hope that season 2 is also very weird and messed up like the first season.



New Amsterdam

You can’t find New Amsterdam on Netflix, but it is a great series. If you are into hospital series and a little bit of drama, this is the series for you. And unlike the most hospital series, it really focus on the patients instead of the drama. Definitely one the best hospital drama I’ve ever seen. And the guy in charge doesn’t care about the law, he cares about the patients. And another interesting fact is that he also has cancer.



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