Atypical season 2

Title: Atypical season 2
Actors: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Keir Gilchrist, Brigette Lundy-Paine and more
Creators: Robia Rashid
Length episode: 30 minutes
My Rating: 4.5/5

About Atypical season 2

Sam decides he wants to go to college and wants to be more indepent. He is looking for the right college, he goes to a support group with other kids like him with autism. Everything at home is kind of messed up because now everyone knows that Elsa (mother) cheated on Doug (father). Elsa is staying somewhere else for a while.

And Casey has her first day at her new school. nd everything is so different and there is one girl who is really mean to her. But really soon they find out they like each other a lot, more than a lot.


Very interesting season. I thought it was better than season 1 of this series. It feels like season 1 was just an introduction.
I was so proud of Sam this month. I have a older brother with autism and it helps me to understand it even better. But Sam is so smart and he really wants to be more indepedent and he is doing great. He is trying a lot of new things. He has to go back to school without his sister Casey and he also break-ups with Page which means he has nobody else in high school. But he is actually doing great and my favorite moment of this season was his speech in the last episode.

My favorite storyline is still Casey though. She is definitely my favourite, she is cool. She likes sports, is funny and really cares about her brother Sam. And this season she thinks she might have feelings for a girl and you can really see her struggling with that. Especially because she loves Evan, her boyfriend, too.
But there is one day that she was so angry at Sam because everything is about him. And I felt that. Because Sam needs more special care because of his autism. Sometimes it can feel like everyone is forgetting her and how she feels. Even though her relationship with her dad is great. I know how that is like. It feels like she needs to scream sometimes to get attention. Especially now she needs someone to talk to because she doesn’t know how to handle this situation.

And I totally get Doug for being so angry at Elsa. She cheated on him and Elsa is still suprised that he doesn’t want to spend time together. Leave the poor man alone! I would be so angry too. And you can really see how hard it is for Doug because of his panic attacks.



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