Movies and series on Netflix I am looking forward to

I did not watch a lot of Netflix in the last couple of months. It was warm and I wanted to spend my time outside, instead of staying inside watching Netflix. But now it is getting colder and for the next few months, I will be spending more time inside and probably watching more Netflix. These are some of the movies and series on Netflix I am looking forward to.

Movies and series on Netflix I am looking forward to

Emily in Paris
This is already season 3, but I still love it. Some of the outfits are pretty cool. The thing I like the most about this series is the fact they still speak French in this series. Normally, if they make a series or movies about an American in Paris, suddenly everyone in Paris speaks English. Not very realistic. In this series, they still speak English, but also a lot of French. And Of course, I want to know who Emily is going to pick. At the end of last season, she had two love interests. A French guy and an English guy working in Paris. I hope she picks the English guy because her relationship with the French guy was causing too much drama.

Of course, this list is not complete without one creepy show. I prefer to watch series and movies with happy endings. It makes me happier than watching a horror movie. But this series is still something I really like. Every time, you think you have figured out how Joe’s brain works, you’re wrong. There were just too many times, it was going to be game over for him. But every time, he had a genius plan. I wonder how many seasons they still can make. Of course, Joe just moved to Paris. We could see that at the end of the last episode.

Falling for Christmas
The first Christmas movie is coming out on November 10th and I am so excited. This one is with Lindsay Lohan. I think the last time I saw a movie with her was ages ago. I am so happy she is feeling better now. But I am actually really excited about this time of the year because I loved the Christmas movies that came out last year. In this movie, Lindsay is playing a rich woman and her boyfriend is proposing but then Lindsay falls from the mountain they were standing on. Another guy finds her and gives her a place to stay until she gets her memory back. Sounds like the typical Hallmark movie, but I know I am going to like it.

Enola Holmes 2
So when Enola Holmes 1 came out, I was surprised at how fun it was to watch that movie. I liked how Enola (Millie bobby brown) was talking to the camera and the pace of the movie was really good. It was not too fast, but also not too slow. So I was very happy when I heard a second movie about Enola Holmes would come out.

I am going, to be honest, and say that I’ve never seen the Addams family movie. I don’t even know what it is about. But I kind of liked the vibe of the trailer of this series. This series focuses on Wednesday Addams and she looks pretty cool. I am not sure how creepy this is going to be tough. But Tim Burton is the director and I like most of his movies, so I am definitely giving this a try.

The school for good and evil
This movie is apparently based on a book series. I can’t say I have read it, but apparently, it is a popular book series. The trailer looks good though. Someone told me this is about this school and every 4 years, two children are kidnapped. One goes to the school of Evil and the other one goes to the school of good. The movie looks magical though. It does not look too scary. Just a fun Halloween movie. I am going to watch this during my Halloween weekend.

From Scratch
This is a miniseries about love, drama and disease. It takes place in Italy. An American woman goes to Italy and falls in love, but that is not a happy ending. From what I could tell he gets really sick and their love story is not perfect. But I am hoping for a beautiful ending. And the fact it takes place in Italy is a reason for me to watch this. Italy is so beautiful.

And the musical movie I am looking forward to the most is Matilda. I was obsessed with this movie when I was younger. I could watch it over and over again. And now they made a remake. Sure, remakes aren’t always good. But I saw a few snippets of this remake and it looks pretty awesome. I honestly can’t wait to watch it. It would be the perfect movie to watch around the holidays.



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