What is self-love + tips

These days we hear a lot of terms like self-care, hot girl summer and self-love. Today I am going to talk about self-love. What is self-love? I think loving yourself and accepting who you are, will really make a difference in your life. You become a completely different person the moment you start loving yourself. These days we compare ourselves with others and we think they have a great life and that our lives suck. We start to think that they are prettier than us. So in times like these where social media is a big thing, we need to focus more on self-love.

What is self-love?

Selflove is all about how you feel about yourself. Do you accept yourself for who you are? It is a process and takes inner work to start to love yourself a little bit more. Selflove is about confidence and self-respect. What do you think about yourself? Do you think you’re a failure? Then you might not love yourself right now. Observe the thought you have about yourself. You wouldn’t say those things to your best friend, right? So why do you have those thoughts about yourself? Use nice words to yourself.

But I think it is also more than that. It is also knowing that you deserve more than this. You can have and deserve a good life too. Selflove is walking away from the drama because you don’t want that in your life. Selflove is prioritizing your mental and physical health, getting enough rest and giving yourself time to follow your dreams.

And self-love is important too. Some people don’t love themselves, but instead of starting to learn how to love themselves, they look for a partner who will give them that kind of love. But it is totally different. Eventually, you don’t believe he/she really loves you. But that is not true, you just don’t love yourself.

Self-love gives you:
– More inner peace
– Better relationships with others
– Setting own boundaries
– Better mental and psychical health
– More success

Tips for more self-love

1. Make the choice to start loving yourself. Set that intention for yourself.
2. Observe how you think and talk about yourself. Maybe you can write it down.
3. Stop looking for approval from others. You don’t need others to tell you you’re a good person
4. Stop comparing yourself. Nobody is perfect, even when it looks like that on social media.
5. Know the ego is talking and not your heart. Your ego is the negative voice in your head.
6. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, that is how we learn things.
7. Stop judging other people. It is a sign that you’re jealous and not feeling good about yourself
8. Use affirmation. If you repeat the same mantra every single day, you will start believing it.
9. Keep a journal. Write down all of your feelings and thoughts.
10. Keep a gratitude journal. To focus more on the positive side of life, write down the things you liked about your day and yourself.
11. Meditation. Meditating every single day

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