10 Green flags in friendships (how to spot a good friend)

Maybe you came to this page because you’re not sure if one of your friends is really good for you. Maybe it is your only friend and you are afraid you will end up alone if you end this relationship. First of all, it is better to be alone than to have a shitty friend. You can always make new friends. These are 10 green flags in friendships

10 green flags in friendships

You are having fun together
The obvious one is that you are having fun together. This can be anything. Maybe you are going to the movies together or to a concert. Maybe you two like to have a girls’ night every weekend. The best thing about having friends is you don’t have to do stuff alone. But it is also important you are having fun. You can spend your Saturday evening together, but if you are not having fun what is the point? Hanging out with your friends should be fun, it is not something on your to-do list.

You can talk about anything
Sure, having fun all the time is great. I think everyone has that one friend you call when you want to have fun. Maybe true friendship is different. You can talk to each other when you’re having problems. This friend really listens to you when you talk about something serious. You’re giving each other advice and you’re respecting each other too. If you are talking about a problem and your friend is on her/his phone all the time, ask yourself if this person is really your friend. A true friend is really there for you. You are more important than her/his phone.

You feel safe
Some people can make you feel on edge and there are certain people who have this weird kind of energy. Those are the people you don’t want to see at night. But if you feel safe with your best friend, then it is a good sign. Your intuition is telling you that you’re safe and you can trust this person. You shouldn’t be afraid of your friends.

No gossiping
I know gossiping is popular in high school and some adults like to gossip too. But gossiping is really toxic. It tells a lot about the person who is gossiping. It tells that this person is insecure, jealous and maybe is having other problems. Of course, you can try to fix this, but sometimes you can’t fix other people. Sometimes they just like to spread negativity. In this case, I would run. There is even a possibility that this ‘friend’ is also talking about you behind your back.

You can be yourself
Have you ever been with a certain group of friends and they were really different, but also popular? Especially when you are still in school, you want to be like the popular kids. And you decide to change your whole style and attitude, even when you don’t like it. You just want to be popular too. Trust me when I say it is not worth it. Don’t pretend to be someone else. People should like you for who you really are. If they don’t like that person, it is their loss.

No judgement
Friends do not judge you. Not for the kind of music you like, the clothes you wear or where you come from. They accept you for who you are. It is one of the most important things in a good relationship. As long you accept the other no matter what, your friendship will be good.

They are not jealous
When you get a good grade in school, your friends should be happy for you. They don’t make nasty comments about it. If you get a promotion at work, your friends shouldn’t talk negatively about it. Jealously is not very charming, unfortunately, a lot of people get jealous easily. If you are also one of those people, try to remember that there is enough for everyone. Just because your friend got a promotion, does not mean you can’t get a promotion. If your best friend gets a good grade for history, does not mean you can’t get a good grade either.

They support you
Imagine you decide to quit your job and do something new. Some people will say that it is stupid, but true friends will be happy for you. Maybe they will understand how miserable you were at your old job. Friends support you no matter what unless it is something illegal. Be happy for your friend when she decides to do something new or something crazy.

Tell you the truth
But they also tell you the truth. As I mentioned above, I said you could talk about anything in a good friendship. That also means you can tell the truth about something. Maybe the partner of your friend is cheating and you caught him. You should tell your friend the truth. If you don’t tell the truth, it will come out sooner or later and then your friendship might be ruined. Telling the truth might hurt your friend at that moment, but maybe your friend will be grateful for it later.

Respect your boundaries
If you don’t like to hug, they have to respect that. If you need a night to yourself and you have to cancel your plans with your friends, they should respect that. Of course, you have to tell them what your boundaries are. If you don’t tell them, they will never know if they cross your boundaries.

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