La casa de papel season 4 (spoilers)


Title: La Casa de Papel season 4
Actors: Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño
Creator: Álex Pina
Genre: Action, crime
Episodes: 12
Rating: 4.5/5

WARNING: this blog post contains spoilers

About La Casa de Papel season 4

In season 3 the whole gang came back together after a long and well-deserved break. They have to help Rio because he is in big trouble. And at the same time, they melt down the gold bars into small grains. At the end of season 3, there was a lot of tension between the police and the gang. And eventually, they shot Nairobi.
And that is where season 4 picks it up again. They all are trying to save Nairobi’s life. Meanwhile, there are a few people who are trying to create chaos and hope that the gang will lose control.


I discovered this series when season 3 came out. I’ve heard about this series before but I thought it wasn’t for me. But since I binge-watched every single episode in a week or 2, I couldn’t wait for season 4. And this season didn’t disappoint me.

I expected that this robbery at the Spanish bank would be over after two seasons, just like the first robbery. But I was wrong. At the end of season 4, they are still inside the bank. So I expect a new season of La Casa de Papel in one or two years. It depends on the Corona crisis.

At the end of season 3, I thought they killed my favorite character Nairobi because they shot her. But luckily they (the gang, but especially Tokyo) saved her life by removing a part of her lungs. So I was very happy that Nairobi was still alive but that didn’t last long.
I am seeing a new bad-ass woman leader in Stockholm, she is very calm just like Nairobi. But I also think that every woman in this series is cool and bad-ass.

I hope that Palermo learned his lesson. Because he was the one who really wanted to create chaos and basically helped Gandia escape. He did all of that because he only wants to be a part of this plan as a leader of this group. But if Palermo didn’t create chaos, Nairobi would still be alive. I really hope that he will stick to the plan in season 5.

The two most annoying characters are Arturo and Alicia. Arturo was also the boss of the factory where they made money in season 1 and 2. But this time he went inside the bank voluntarily. I thought he was stupid and that he wanted to support the other hostages. But in season 4 you can really see what an asshole he really is.

Alicia is probably the most hated woman in this show. She thinks she is so cool but I also think that is just a shield and that shield will go away in season 5. Maybe she will surprise us and join the gang. I read a theory about she is also Tatiana (the ex of Berlin) which would mean that Alicia/Tatiana is now carrying Berlin’s baby.

Season 4 was very intense and exciting. And just like the other seasons I couldn’t stop watching so I watched all of the episode in 2 days. But I think I would have finished in just one day if I had no job to go. I really can’t wait for season 5.

Did you like season 4 of La casa de papel?



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