Josh and Hazel´s guide to not dating

Title: Josh and Hazel’s guide to not dating
Author: Christina Lauren
Publisher: Gallery Books
Genre: Romance
Pages: 320
My Rating: 8.5/10

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Josh and Hazel’s guide to not dating

Josh and Hazel met years ago when they were both students. Hazel is being herself and doesn’t want to change herself for a guy. She prefers to be single than normal, like most people. She did a few awkward things as a student, including throwing up on Josh’s shoes and sending him an embarrassing email.  They lost touch after school, but now years later they see each other again. Apparently, Josh is Hazel’s best friend’s brother. They like each other, but they don’t think they would be a great couple. When Hazel is currently living with Josh because her apartment is flooded, they agree to go on double dates. Josh would find the perfect guy for Hazel and Hazel would find the perfect date for Josh.  But the more they go on double dates, the more they realize they actually like each other.


I was kind of in a reading slump to be honest. I wasn’t really in the mood to pick up a book and read, instead I decided to watch Netflix. The thing is that I don’t sleep very well when I watch television in the evening. So I decided to pick up a new book and try to get back in my reading flow again.

And it worked. This book was the right book for me at this moment. It was exactly what I needed. It was light, it was cute and sexy. I’ve read another book (The Unhoneymooners) by Christina Lauren before and I remember I loved that book a lot too. I guess I have found another author that I really like and I am definitely going to put her other books on my wishlist. 

I really liked the main characters, Josh and Hazel. I think Hazel and I have a few things in common. She is a bit crazy/weird but in a good way. I feel like I am like that too, maybe not all the time but I could definitely relate to it. I am not afraid to be myself and be a little bit weird. And just like Hazel, I also prefer to be alone than be with someone who is embarrassed for who I am. This book gives me hope I will find the perfect guy who accepts me for who I am. Josh is cute too. I really liked how their relationship developed. They go from best friends to lovers. I love this kind of trope. I think it is actually my favourite one. It is actually the kind of relationship I want.

I liked the story too and I loved the parts about their double dating a lot. Most of them were disasters, but funny for an outsider. One of the dates realized pretty quickly that Josh does not want to date her, he notices how he looks at Hazel. There is one thing that I noticed but did not bother me too much. I thought the ending was a bit rushed. I had a few pages to go and Hazel still had to tell Josh this big news. I was kind of expecting a fight over it. Although I don’t think Josh is/was that kind of guy. 

But yes, I really liked this book. It helped me to get out of my reading slump, at least for a little bit. It was cute, easy to read and sexy. If you like friends to lovers trope, definitely read this book. It is the kind of book you don’t want to put down. 



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