How to fake it in Hollywood – Ava Wilder | Review

Title: How to fake it in Hollywood
Author: Ava Wilder
Publisher: Dell
Genre: Romance, Drama
Pages: 356
My Rating: 6.5/10

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How to fake it in Hollywood

Grey Brooks has been an actress since she was just a child, but now almost 20 years later she is struggling to find a new acting job. After a year without work, she agrees she needs more publicity. Audrey has the perfect idea to bring her to the spotlights.
Ethan Atkins was the heartthrob years ago, but the last few years were rough (divorce, losing his best friend) and he likes to hide from the spotlights. But there is one project he wants to work on in the future and if he wants to finish that project, he has to pretend he has his life together and is ready for the spotlights again. 
Audrey brings the two actors together and they agree to pretend to be dating. Grey and Ethan only have to be together twice a week and Audrey will do the rest and make sure the paparazzi will spot them together. While Grey and Ethan are spending more time with each other, they develop feelings. But both of them have been through things. Will they be able to open themselves up again?


I was influenced by someone on Instagram and I bought this book. Ava Wilder sounded so familiar and I really thought I had read another book by her. But after doing some research I realized that I haven’t read her other books. So I am not sure why her name sounds familiar to me and it is kind of bothering me. (haha)

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about this book. I think I liked most of the things, but there were one or two things I did not like that much. I start with why I liked this book. I liked this book because it is about a fake dating relationship. They have no intention to actually date each other, but of course, they develop feelings for each other after spending time together.  I really liked the first part of the book where they agreed to be in this fake relationship for publicity and spend time together. There was chemistry and tension. I liked that. I went through the first part of this book extremely fast.

But I mentioned I did not like everything about this book. The first thing is how weird it was how Grey Brooks called Ethan out for drinking too much while she got drunk every single time too. She also drank a lot and used the excuse that she was a lightweight. But that is probably something an alcoholic would say. If Grey really cared, wouldn’t she stop drinking in front of him? Of course, it wasn’t her job to fix him, but still. She could have ended this contract because he was drinking too much. Sure, she cared about him a lot, but is it really worth it?

The second thing that I did not like that much was the last part of the book. The first part (the majority of the book) was great. But the last part of the book could not grab my attention. It was right after they gave their relationship a real shot after something terrible happened with the paparazzi. The last chapters were hard to get through. I wanted to give up. I am happy I didn’t though. Because they both worked on themselves and were making better choices in the end.

Overall, this was an okay read for me. I liked the majority of the book and got through it pretty fast. There was tension and chemistry. But after that paparazzi thing, it was harder for me to focus because it got a little bit boring in my opinion.



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