How to set achievable goals


I always set goals for myself and I even share them with you on my blog. Imagine you wouldn’t set any goals for yourself. You need to set goals for yourself to give your life direction. You know where you want to be at a certain point in the future and setting goals can help you with that. But how to set achievable goals? In this blog post, I will explain how I set achievable goals for myself.

How to set achievable goals

You really have to want it and like it

I hear a lot of people talking about the things they want to achieve but sometimes it is possible that this isn’t really their dream. These days everyone wants to be a YouTuber or an influencer. But a lot of them are doing it for the money and that is not a great motivation. You really have to enjoy it. So if you want to be a writer, write that book because you enjoy writing. Work in a zoo because you love to spend time with animals. If you do something that you really want and give you fulfillment, then it is so much easier to achieve your goals. Imagine you want to be an influencer on Instagram but you hate Instagram because it causes a lot of stress every single day. That means deep down, you don’t really want it.

The same thing applies to smaller goals too. If you want to lose weight, because your friends say you are chubby, it is not really what YOU really think. You really have to want it. If you set a goal for something you don’t really like, it is just a waste of time.

Break down your goals

Imagine you have a really big goal you want to achieve. You want to save 10.000 dollars/pound/euro or you want to lose 50 KG/ pound. These goals can be overwhelming. You have no idea where to start and it is not really motivating. Sometimes it can take years before you achieve a goal. It is better to break down your goals into actionable steps. Say you want to save 10.000 dollars. It is better to say how much money you want to save every single month and how you are going to do it. Cancel your subscriptions or save money on food or other things and buy fewer clothes for example.

Believe you can achieve it

The law of attraction is something that is becoming more popular these days. This is super nice because most people won’t look at you like you are crazy. But the law of attraction can be a great tool to achieve your goals. The law of attraction is always working and it basically means: what you think, do, and feel is what determines your future. So if you really want to achieve something, believe you can do it and really feel the amazing emotions.
I’ve read so many great stories about people who wanted some extra money. And they got a promotion/a new job or someone randomly gave their money.


Share your goals with others

It can be nice to keep your goals for yourself sometimes. If you are failing, it doesn’t really matter because nobody knows. But if you share your goals, you can count on the support of your friends/family/colleagues, which is also very nice. If you are having a hard moment, you can always talk to them about it. You don’t have to deal with it alone. And maybe someone else has the same goals as you and you can help each other.

Make your goals SMART

During my time at university, I always heard that I had to make my goals SMART. I even got an hour class about making your goals SMART. But this way you can set better goals for yourself.

SMART stands for:
– Specific
– measurable
– Acceptable
– Realistic
– Time

If you want to lose weight, a bad goal would be: ‘I want to lose some weight.’. It is so much better to say: ‘In the next three months I want to lose 5KG’. Make it very specific.

What are your goals at the moment?



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