The Eurovision contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Title: The Eurovision contest: the story of fire saga
Actors: Will Ferrell,  Rachel McAdams, Dan Stevens
Director:  David Dobkin
Writers: Will Ferrell, Andrew Steele
Genre: Musical, Romance
My Rating: 6.5/10

The Story of Fire Saga

Lars Ericsson (will Ferrell) wants to win Eurovision since he was a little boy and saw ABBA performing. Together with Sigrit Ericsdottir ( Rachel McAdams), he starts a band called Fire Saga. When he has no place to live because his dad is selling his house, they get the chance to compete.


Americans making a movie about Eurovision. Something I had many doubts about. Are the Americans really going to make fun of us because we love Eurovision?

But luckily it didn’t feel that way. Yes, it was weird to see Americans play Europeans. And I still think it was better if they picked English Actors or something. But honestly, I think this was the only thing they could have done better.

This year, the Eurovision contest got canceled because of the Coronavirus but this movie brings back a lot of great memories. Especially the part with the sing-a-long at a party. You will see a lot of great and famous singers from the Eurovision contest in this movie. I think that was really amazing and it was so much fun to watch those parts.

If you have never watched Eurovision, you need to know a couple of things before you are going to watch this movie. Eurovision is over the top, nothing is too much. The crazier the better, even though simplicity can also win (Portugal in 2017 and the Netherlands 2019).

But the star of this movie was Rachel McAdams. Her voice is amazing. I am not sure if that is really her voice or she is lipsyncing. But if that is her, she is amazing. I also loved the other entrances for this Eurovision contest. They really put in the effort to make incredible Eurovision songs. And I also loved that Graham Norton was also a part of this movie. Because there is no Eurovision without Graham Norton. Even here in the Netherlands, we prefer to switch to the UK channels to here Graham’s commentary.

I also think this a great movie if you really want to stop thinking about your problems for awhile, Okay, for two hours of Eurovision drama.
So thank you Americans, for this movie. But please stay out of the real Eurovision contest. It is our thing.



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