How to make your dream life your reality

Are you not happy with how life looks right now? Don’t worry because you can definitely change it. In this blog post, I will tell you how to make your dream life your reality. Everything is possible! Maybe you just want to find a new job, or maybe you want to start a whole new career. Maybe you want to find the love of your life or get the perfect house. 

How to make your dream life your reality

Know what your dream life looks like
The first step is the most important one, because what do you want to achieve? Everything is possible but maybe you want to start small and that is absolutely a smart idea. If you have a lot of goals, it can be overwhelming. Maybe you can just pick one goal and focus on that. 

Positive energy
Everything is energy, even though we can’t see it. But that does not mean it is not real. It is literal science. Have you ever had a bad day? You were in this bad mood and suddenly everything went wrong? I know I have those days sometimes. The energy you put out is the energy you get back. So if you start your day on the wrong foot, your whole day will be bad unless you decide to change it. Maintaining positive energy helps you to achieve your goals and get your dream life. This is called the Law of Attraction. And there are certain things you can do to improve your mood.

Listen to good music. Music can change your whole mood in a second.
Positive people. You feel good about yourself when you are around happy and positive people and you feel bad when you hang with people who always complain. Pick the right people.
Say good things about others and yourself. Don’t say to yourself that you’re ugly or stupid. Use positive affirmations.
Things you consume. Even the things you watch, listen to or read about can influence your mood. A good novel can put me in a good mood, a rom-com movie makes me feel good.

But the most important thing is that YOU can control how you feel. Most people immediately respond to people and things that are happening right now. But you can decide how you react and feel all the time. Think about the fun things in life or your plans for tonight or later this weekend. This is something you have to practise. Maybe you have been a negative person for years now. Take time each day to improve your mood, eventually, it will get easier. Life is a lot more fun when you are more positive. And remember: it is not a bad thing to have those so-called negative emotions. Just allow and feel them too and then let them go. They can also help you to identify the things you don’t want. If you feel bad all the time when you spend time with someone, maybe it is time for a new friend.

Change things step by step
If you know what you want and what you don’t want. It is time to take action. When you are familiar with the Law of Attraction/Assumption, you might think that doing one thing is going to change your life or you might even think that sitting on the couch is going to get you everything. But that is not true. You still have to make the decision and start doing workouts, eating healthier, or following your dreams. There are probably habits you currently have, you don’t want to have. Pick one and change it and stick to your new healthier habits. 

Start doing things
We all have had bad days and we all know how terrible it is. And you are just sitting on the couch doing nothing and suddenly you start to overthink. Overthinking is not a good thing, because it is a negative voice inside your head. When you have a day like that, do one thing first. Get up and get a shower and get dressed. Then you take the next step and this is how you get out of that negative cycle. It is not going to be easy or anything, but sitting on the couch overthinking is also not going to help you.
I believe productivity can help you to stop overthinking things. I make sure I have a to-do list for myself each day, so I don’t have the time to overthink. And my to-do lists are not crazy or anything. I even put ‘reading’ or ‘going somewhere’ on my list. But this way I shut down my brain.

Manifestation techniques
There are tons of manifestation techniques you can use or you can decide to use none at all. Because the truth is that you don’t have to use them. They are manifestation tools that can help you to focus on your goals and increase your vibration. Maybe you have an idea what your new dream house should be like or what kind of person your new life partner should be.

Vision Board: A vision board is a poster or just pictures you put somewhere you can see every day to remind yourself of your goals and the person you want to become.
Visualizing is a fun tool because you just use your imagination about how your future looks like and try to really feel it.
Journaling. You can start a gratitude journal that can help you to focus on the positive things. A great tool if you have been a negative person. With a gratitude journal, you can change your mindset and focus on the good things in life.
Affirmations: Repeat affirmations and eventually you start to believe them. Use affirmations like: I love myself or I am feeling good or maybe you want a new car, say something like: I love my new car (be more specific than this) and repeat it every day
Lucky Girl Syndrome is a new trend on TikTok, but it is the same as the Law of Assumption. You assume that everything you want is already yours. How do you feel about already having it? Keep that feeling as your new state of being. 

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