What is the Lucky Girl syndrome?

If you are in manifestation/ Law of Attraction, you will probably know many methods you can use to make it easier to manifest things into your life. You can make a vision board, visualize, do the 33×3 method or try a different method. The trick with manifesting things is that you really have to believe in them and have the feeling of already having them. Using on of those methods can help you with that. But now there is a sort of new trend going on, on TikTok and it is called Lucky Girl Syndrome. But how do you use it?

Lucky Girl Syndrome

How to use the ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ to manifest
You basically tell yourself that everything is working out for you and that you’re so lucky with everything. You have to be a little bit delusional too if you’re using this method. It is a fake it till you make it kind of lifestyle. So you pretend you already have that perfect boyfriend, that amount of money, that kind of job or car. 

As I mentioned it is based on the Law of assumption by Neville Goddard. You assume the things you want, are already yours. If you want to change your lifestyle, start living like that. If you want to find a new apartment, start buying things for that apartment. If you want that perfect relationship, make room for it in your life. A way you can make it easier is to visualize it. Close your eyes and see your new life in your mind. Feel like it already happened to you. Your mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination. 

Why should you use this method?
This method can make it easier for you if you want to manifest things, and it can also help you if you want to change your life. Maybe you want to lose/gain weight or maybe you want a new job. Pretend your dreams already came true. This can also give you more confidence. It can feel a bit weird at the beginning, but if you practise this every day it becomes second nature. This is because your mindset is changing. For example, if someone told you every single day that you’re ugly, you start believing it eventually. But as soon as one person tells you that you’re beautiful, you don’t believe it. If this person calls you beautiful every day, then you start believing that. And that is also what you’re going to see in the mirror. Because as soon you believe something (You get that new job), your outer world starts to change and you will get the thing you want or something better.

It also does not hurt to try this method. Maybe some people will think you’re delusional, so be careful who you talk to. You can also keep it to yourself. Tell yourself that you’re lucky and that everything is working out for you. Tell yourself that you can manifest anything you want and that life is amazing. 

I recently heard about this manifestation technique, so I am also going to try it and share my thoughts about it later here on my blog and socials. So make sure you’re following me here on my blog, Instagram and TikTok.

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