How to get out of a funk

Have you ever been in those moods where you felt down and you did not get anything done at all? You probably had that feeling before or maybe you are feeling like that right now. And that is totally okay. Maybe your body/brain needs the break for a day or two. But sometimes it is hard to get out of it and before you know it, you have been in this funk for a week and you didn’t get anything done at all. But life still goes on, you have to do work and clean the house, and it basically never stops. There are ways to get out of this kind of mood. Today I give you a few tips on how to get out of a funk.

How to get out of a funk

Weekly Reset
Whenever I am in a funky mood and I try to get out of it, there is one thing that really works for me and that is a (Weekly) Reset. After a few days of being in this weird mood, there are a lot of things to do because you were not in the mood for it. Maybe you have to clean the house/kitchen, do laundry, buy more food and those things. Write those things down and take the first step.

You can even do this when you are feeling perfectly fine. Sometimes we are so busy that we need a day to get things done. Pick a day and decide that that day is going to be your reset day. On that day you do laundry, clean and make a schedule for the rest of the new week. I love to do this on a Saturday or a Sunday. I have a to-do list and make sure I get everything done that day. It feels amazing to be this productive and everything is ready for the next week, so I don’t have to worry about that either.

Listen to great music
Music is like a cure for a lot of things for me. It helps me to be more productive and it makes doing chores a lot more fun. I make or pick a playlist and put the music on, while I am getting things done. Suddenly I don’t hate cleaning anymore, music makes everything more fun. Pick the right playlist for you. Some people prefer classical/jazz music to stay focused, and others like more upbeat music. Put your headphones on or earpods in and get up!

Other ways to get up and get things done are trying meditation and visualisation. Meditation can calm down your thoughts, which can be very helpful. When you are in a funk, you are most likely overthinking. Overthinking is not a great thing. It makes you even feel worse and you think about one thing for hours or create worst-case scenarios in your head. Meditation can stop overthinking. If you don’t like meditations, maybe visualisations can help you to get excited again. Visualisation is just daydreaming + feelings. Think about something amazing that happened in your life or think about a goal.  If you visualize yourself achieving one of your goals, it can also motivate you to get things done.

Stick to a schedule
When you do a weekly reset, you should also create a schedule. Write down the things you have and want to do this week. Create a balanced schedule for yourself. Make sure to schedule some me-time too. And stick to your schedule. This can help to prevent getting back in a funk again. My personal experience is that when I feel down and I need a to-do list or schedule. If I don’t have something like that, I can become feeling overwhelmed and start overthinking again. Before I know it, I feel down again. And that is what overthinking does for me.

Dressing up and wearing make-up
When you are in a funk, you are probably preferring staying in your comfy pj’s and you are not in the mood to dress up and wear make-up. But that can actually make a huge difference. Wearing a certain outfit can make me feel more confident and feel sexier. Pick an outfit that makes you feel like that and put make-up on and maybe a little bit of perfume. You will probably feel a little bit better all dressed up.

Put yourself in social situations
Getting ice cream, and getting out of the house is my next tip. Staying inside will make you go crazy. That is definitely one of the things I have learned during the pandemic. Do something fun for yourself. You don’t need a friend for this. You can go alone and get a cup of coffee/tea somewhere. Or you can go for a walk, or maybe go shopping, anything that will stop your overthinking will work. It also feels good to be around people. We, people, need interactions and I say this as an introvert.

Start exercising
When you are feeling down, you can definitely use a few feel-good hormones. And one way to get those hormones is to start moving your body. You don’t have to go to the gym for this. Even going out for a walk or dance in your own room/apartment can make a difference. Put some great music on and start dancing, go crazy! Or there are also tons of workouts on YouTube. I personally love doing those dance workouts. When you are done, you will feel a lot better.

Being around loved ones
Spending time with people is so important, call your friends for quality time. Watch a movie together, organize a dinner party with a few good friends or just have a good conversation. Energy is contagious. When someone is extremely positive and funny, it can brighten your mood. Hug it out with a friend is also great because hugging will also give you those feel-good hormones. So what are you waiting for? Call your friends.

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