Not Okay (2022) | Movie Review

Title: Not Okay
Actors: Zoey Deutch, Mia Isaac, Dylan O’Brien
Director: Quinn Shephard
Writers: Quinn Shephard
Genre: Drama
My Rating: 8/10

Not Okay

Danni Sanders is not very popular, she has a few followers on Instagram and she also has a crush on Colin. To impress him, she pretends to go on a writer’s retreat in Paris. In reality, she stays at home, in her own city to take photos and edit them so it looks like she is in Paris. It is the perfect lie, she is getting some time off from work, and she can impress the man of her dreams and impress everyone else on Social media. But then there are bombings in Paris and it all makes Danni’s lie a lot more complicated. But instead of telling the truth, she pretends to be a survivor of the bombings. Suddenly she is getting the attention of everyone. She is gaining a lot of followers and her crush is finally noticing her. 

Then she joins a survivor support group to get inspiration, so it will be easier to keep up the lie. That is where she meets Rowan, an actual survivor. They become friends, but Rowan has no idea that Danni is still using her. Everyone feels sorry for Danni and adores her too, except for one person, her colleague Harper. 


This movie was recommended by someone on social media and I decided to watch it. And honestly, I think it is a great movie with a great message. Danni has become obsessed with getting attention from everyone and she is willing to do a lot of things, including this lie about being a survivor of a bombings attack in Paris. But the reality is that a lot of people are willing to do a lot of things to get famous or get a lot of followers.

Maybe not as bad as Danni in the movie, but people do a lot of crazy stuff for Instagram. It reminds me of the Instagram model Essena O’Neill, she confessed years ago that all of her photos were fake. She exposed her own Instagram account. A lot of people are editing their photos before uploading them on Instagram, which is ridiculous. I am not just talking about using a filter but making their butt/books look bigger and creating a smaller waist. And just like Danni, some people edit their backgrounds. It shows that a lot of things are fake on social media. Essena opened my eyes back then and this movie is an eye-opener too. But I seriously hope not they are faking something big like being a survivor just for the attention. Know that there are consequences if you are being fake online and doing certain things for attention.

So I thought the story was great. The actors were great too. I love Zoey Deutch’s movies and it was kind of weird to see Dylan O’Brien play the role of Colin, but he still did a great job. I am just used to him playing in ‘The Maze Runner’ and ‘Teen wolf’ and those kinds of movies. This role was completely different. But in my opinion, Mia Isaac was the star of this movie. I think she was great and she even made me cry. I definitely want to see more of her in the future.

I can definitely recommend this movie to everyone, but maybe not to people who have violent trauma. The movie opened with a disclaimer saying it can be triggering. Don’t watch it if you experienced something bad. 



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