Happy Moments of December 2020

It is always a good idea to focus on the good things in life. It makes you happier and that is what we all need right now and for the rest of our lives. Inspired by my own gratitude journal, I wanted to share my Happy Moments of December 2020 with you.

Happy moments of December 2020

Opening my very first Advent Calendar

In October I bought my very first advent calendar, which was a skincare calendar. I bought it for 7 euros at the Dutch store Action and I loved it. There were really nice products on this advent calendar. From body lotion to body scrub to bath bombs. Not sure if I will buy the next advent calendar from the same brand again. Maybe I want to try the Advent calendar from The Body Shop since TBS is one of my favorite brands.

Started exercising

I already had plans for 2021: I wanted to get fit and healthy again. But the Monday before Christmas, I saw someone posting a work-out routine on their insta stories. The first week was really easy and I decided to challenge myself a little bit more. The second week was already harder but still finished it. I am proud of myself because I always stopped working out after a few days. But this time I am really doing those work-outs every single day.

Reading books

In December I read 3 books: Tiny Pretty things was amazing. Probably my favorite book I read in December. But I also liked reading: Christmas at the comfort food cafe and The twelve dogs of Christmas. The last two were just perfect for Christmas. I can’t wait to read more books in January.

Celebrating Christmas

Christmas is my favorite holiday and yes, this year felt different but I still had a great time. We’ve watched a couple of movies (Nanny McPhee 1 and 2), ate a lot of great food, and laughed a lot. I am sad that it is over already.

Make content for my social media and blog

I still had to work and I even worked more hours the week of Christmas, but I still had more time to work on my blog, create more TikTok videos and Instagram posts. And it felt good! I can’t wait to share more blog posts in 2021.

Bridgerton (new Netflix series

Bridgerton was my favorite series of December, but maybe even my favorite series of 2020. I just loved it!! It is basically Gossip Girl in 1813. The music was great, the actors were amazing, and loved the story as well. Hopefully, there will be a season 2.

New Year’s Eve

I love the last day of the year. I remember growing up as spending the whole morning in bed and watch movies and series. And I always ate an ‘Oliebol’, which is a Dutch snack for the holidays. This year was a little bit different, because of the corona we couldn’t buy or use fireworks. But apparently, a lot of people still had a lot of fireworks in their garages and used it anyway.


I always feel amazing after a cleaning session. I love it when everything is clean again. Christmas is over and I just was in the mood to throw a couple of things away and just clean everything. Great ending of 2020 and a great and clean/fresh start of 2021.

What was your happy moment of December 2020?




  1. Thanks for the book recommendations! I have added them to my list. Great job working out and cleaning! I need to do both! They do make one feel amazing. I also LOVE the new Bridgerton series and sometimes when I’m writing now I hear Miss Whistledown narrating. Happy new year!

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