Finding Ohana (2020)

Title: Finding Ohana
Actors: Kelly Hu. Ke Huy Quan, Lindsay Watson
Director: Jude Weng
Writer: Christina Strain
Genre: Family, Adventure
My Rating: 4/10

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Finding Ohana

Pili lives in New York with her brother and mother, but when her granddad gets a heart-attack, they are going to Hawaii for the summer to take care of him. On the first day, Pili finds a journal about a treasure hidden on the island. Pili loves a challenge because in New York she loves to play Geocaching with her friends. So finding this treasure is the only thing on her mind.


Okay, I have to be honest. I was expecting a different kind of movie. Not sure what exactly but I was not expecting an adventure movie. And I am going, to be honest in this review because I wanted to turn off the movie after just a couple of minutes. The acting was really bad and it was cringey. But I had nothing else to watch on Netflix and it was my Friday movie night, so I decided to keep watching this movie.

The acting is really bad at the beginning and it is really hard to watch but I think it gets a little bit better later on in the movie. But this movie was definitely made for kids and families who love adventure movies with kids. So I tried to watch this movie through the eyes of a kid (which is pretty hard for an adult obviously). But you know what, I think the younger me would have liked this movie. Younger me didn’t really care about how bad or good the actors were so I wouldn’t be bothered by the bad acting. But I can definitely see that kids would probably like this movie.

And it was pretty cool that they talked about geocaching and that is a real thing. I know people (yes adults) who like to go out to find those geocaches. Maybe after watching this movie, kids want to go geocaching. And it is cool. Sure, you are not looking for a real treasure, it is just fun to do. Especially when it gets warmer outside.

The setting is also very beautiful since it was filmed in Hawaii, so you also learn a little bit about the Hawaiian culture. But overall this movie is more for kids since they less care about acting and all that. This is not a movie for adults since the acting is terrible and exaggerated

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